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We would love to recognize our customers, the one with a big warm heart to feed hungry Americans.

With every bike purchase, we will donate 100 meals to Feeding Americas on your behalf. Together, we can help to end hunger 

Since started on Jan.2020, we have together donated (12 150 meals) to Feeding America

Hunger in America:

Millions of children and families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day.

  • According to the USDA's 2019 Household Food Insecurity in the United States report, more than 37 million people in the United States struggle with hunger.
  • In 2018, 14.3 million American households were food insecure with limited or uncertain access to enough food.
  • Households with children are more likely to experience food insecurity. Currently, more than 11 million children live in food-insecure households.
  • Every community in the country is home to families who struggle with food insecurity including rural and suburban communities.
  • Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and need to rely on their local food banks and other hunger relief organizations for support.


Who goes hungry?

Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity – but some people, including children and seniors, may be at greater risk of hunger than others.



Our Big Heart Customers:

(We will update the previous month's donation receipts on the first day of the following month)

January 2020: 

  • Douglas S from Edinburgh VA (100 meals)
  • Cathy P from New Cumberland WV (250 meals)
  • Thomas P from Beaverton OR (100 meals)
  • Robert S from Crane TX (100 meals)
  • Sophia B from Spindale NC (100 meals)
  • Audrey C from Atascadero CA (200 meals)
  • Jose V from San Mateo CA (100 meals)
  • Donald B from Puttsburgh PA (100 meals)
  • Angela K from Pittsboro IN (100 meals)
  • Karen L from Park City UT (100 meals)
  • Stephen C from Redmond OR (200 meals)
  • Richard S from Jacksonville NC (100 meals)
  • Carol H from Mesa AZ (100 meals)
  • Jack B from Culloden WV (100 meals)
  • Alma M from Altoona FL (100 meals)
  • Frank I from Woodbridge VA (100 meals)
  • Floyd E from Chittenango NY (100 meals)
  • Steve G from Selah WA (100 meals)
  • Clarence S from Virginia Beach (100 meals)
  • Petr V Jr. from Seattle WA (100 meals)
  • Kirk P from Fort Bragg CA (100 meals)

January Receipts: 2450 Meals Donated to Feeding Americas to help end hunger. Thank you very much to our customers who are together giving us a hand to reach further and assist who are less fortunate.


February 2020: 

  • Ernesto M from Hollis NY (100 meals)
  • Josephine O from Vancouver WA  (100 meals)
  • Gus C from Sarasota FL (100 meals)
  • Toby P from Jacksonville FL (100 meals)
  • Judy F from Qunebaug CT (200 meals)
  • Dennis M from Murrieta CA (100 meals)
  • David M from Buffalo NY (100 meals)
  • Michele from Tampa FL (100 meals)
  • Sameh Y from Clearwater FL (200 meals)
  • Greg V from Bear Creek (100 meals)
  • Penny M from La Marque TX (100 meals)
  • Peter H from Great Pond ME (100 meals)
  • Joshua A from San Antonio TX (100 meals)
  • Dale M from Central Point OR (100 meals)
  • Teresa W from Mesa AZ (100 meals)
  • Timothy H from Selby SD (100 meals)
  • Gayle B from Barberton OH (200 meals)
  • Tom H from Pueblo CO (100 meals)
  • Gayle G from Swansea IL (100 meals)
  • Marvin G from Bridgeport CT (200 meals)
  • Janice L from Havertown PA  (100 meals)
  • Paul G from North Branch MN (100 meals)
  • Vipaporn S from Ellijay GA (100 meals)
  • Stephen C from Folsom CA (200 meals)
  • Peter J from Oak Ridge NJ (100 meals)
  • Jesus T from Brownsville TX (100 meals)
  • Jose F from Riverside CA (100 meals)
  • R Gilmore from Sammanish WA (100 meals)
  • Tim T from Santa Ana (100 meals)
  • Johnny F from Handen CT (100 meals)
  • George D from Chicago IL (100 meals)
  • Cynthia R from Oriville CA (200 meals)
  • Darline S from Irving TX (100 meals)
  • Elise L from Plymouth MA (100 meals)

February Receipt: 4000 Meals Has Been Donated to Feeding Americas to help end hunger. Thank you very much to our customers who are together giving us a hand to reach further and assist who are less fortunate.


March 2020: 

  • Jackie F from Ogden UT  (100 meals)
  • Prince M from Brooklyn NY (100 meals)
  • Lynn W from Inverness FL (100 meals)
  • John C from South Windsor (100 meals)
  • William C from Spencer MA (100 meals)
  • Janet D from Fenton MI (100 meals)
  • Carrie T from Wrightsville PA (100 meals)
  • Ben F from Orange CA (200 meals)
  • Laura P from Las Vegas NV (100 meals)
  • Medi J from Deerfield Beach FL (100 meals)
  • Joseph D from Naples FL (100 meals)
  • Brian K from Naples FL (100 meals)
  • Koreen A from Cocoa FL (100 meals) 
  • John V from Pueblo CO (100 meals) 
  • Judith C from Spencer MA (100 meals) 
  • Owen B from Chicago IL (100 meals) 
  • Richard D from Fairfax IA (100 meals) 
  • Marcus C from San Luis Obispo CA (100 meals) 
  • AI L from Manhattan Beach CA (200 meals) 
  • Tammie C from New York NY (100 meals) 
  • Xiao Fang Hu from Lansing KS (100 meals) 
  • Cecilia M from Tampa FL (100 meals) 
  • Wendy F from La Crosse WI (100 meals) 
  • Dan D from Worthington MN (100 meals) 
  • Michael M from Rosewille MI (100 meals) 
  • Mark G from Lincoln NE (100 meals) 
  • Phillip B from Somers MT (100 meals)
  • Chad H from Maryville TN (100 meals)
  • Annette C from South Ogden (100 meals)
  • James H from Marion NC (100 meals)
  • Christine M from Palm Harbor FL (100 meals)
  • Buck P from Simla CO (100 meals)
  • Troy T & Marry T from Sarasota FL (200 meals)
  • Mike L from Tallahassee FL (100 meals)
  • Patricia N from Vancouver WA (100 meals)
  • Denise B from Fort Myers FL (100 meals)
  • Howard S from Bronx NY (100 meals)
  • Jacqui C from Seattle WA (100 meals)
  • Debbie B from Somers MT (100 meals)
  • Timothy F from Meriden CT (100 meals)
  • Tywanda B from Philadelphia PA (100 meals)
  • Suzanne S from Wells River VT (200 meals)
  • Jody S from North Arlington NJ (100 meals)
  • Lowell T from Silver Spring MD (100 meals)
  • Mark Breed from Thousand Oaks CA (100 meals)
  • Donald D from Grand Blanc MI (100 meals)
  • Wesley Z from Jefferson City MT (100 meals)
  • Dan C from Carlsbad CA (100 meals)
  • Kathleen H from Surprise AZ (100 meals)
  • Marty S from Bend OR (100 meals)
  • Gary S from Oxford MI (100 meals)
  • Ryan S from Newport Beach CA (100 meals)
  • John H from Miami FL (100 meals)

March Receipts: 5700 Meals Donated to Feeding Americas to help end hunger. Thank you very much to our customers who are together giving us a hand to reach further and assist who are less fortunate.

April 2020:


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    Thank you Janet :) It's our honor to make you happy as well. We are a big believer in giving back to less fortunate human being. We all living under one roof right, the earth :) Thanks again Janet. I wish you stay healthy!
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