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20” Micargi Women’s Hero is a lowrider beach cruiser bike perfect for girls under 5 feet tall. This single-speed bike has a classic and retro design that allows you to travel in style. The bike is built with a hi-ten steel frame and features fenders, chain guards, and reflectors to ensure the rider’s maximum safety.

  • 20" Beach Cruiser Hi-Ten Steel Frame: The frame is strong and stylish, making this bike a complete package. Its low-rider sissy bar is perfect for girls under 5 feet tall.
  • Comfy Banana Seat: The seat’s shape supports an upright riding style. It helps keep the rider’s back and shoulders in a comfortable position for the best riding experience.
  • Front and Rear Safety Reflectors: The reflectors ensure that the rider is noticed on busy roads and even at night. Therefore, they are important for the rider’s safety.
  • Steel Chrome Plated Mini Ape-Hanger Handlebar: The handlebar’s size compromises the bike’s front springer fork to offer a comfortable riding experience.

The Micargi Women’s Hero bike stands out due to its classic and retro design while offering comfortable and safe riding. Its low-rider sissy bar is ideal for girls less than 5 feet tall who want to enjoy a casual and comfortable ride on the beach. Its high-tensile steel frame is the most suitable for such low-priced children’s cruiser bikes. The bike’s personalized design with flower graphic decals and pastel colors makes the bike attractive to young girls.

The bike is equipped with a front and rear coaster brake 28h hub that makes the bike suitable and safe for your leisure and long-distance commutes. The 20-inch white wall cruiser tires with alloy rim and spokes fit perfectly matching steel fenders to provide stability to the bike. This allows you to ride on the sandy and muddy terrains with ease.

Moreover, the young girls ride the bike on a comfy 2-tone banana seat with back support for upright riding. These features keep your back and shoulders straight and comfortable. You will feel relaxed and cozy by sitting on its dual-spring saddle and can go on long rides without feeling any discomfort.

The bike also ensures the rider’s utmost safety and hence, comes with front and rear safety reflectors, which ensure the rider is seen and allow you to ride safely, even at night. The pedals are also fitted with matching retro steel chain guard and reflectors for the rider’s safety. The chain guard ensures nothing gets stuck in the chain for a convenient ride.


  • SKU/Model No: Hero-F
  • Frame: 20" Beach Cruiser Hi-Ten Steel
  • Size: 11.5"
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake
  • Seat: 2-Tone Banana
  • Rims: Alloy With Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Tires: 20"x2.125" White Wall Cruiser
  • Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, White, Mint Green, Baby Blue

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