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The M series bike by Micargi has been designed, built, and revamped to match the competitive brands' requirements and standards. The M40 being somewhat similar to the M50 the bike supports a 24’’ inch frame to give a comfortable riding experience to riders of different shapes and sizes. The Micargi men are available in a variety of color options like blue-silver, black-silver, and burgundy-silver. 

  • Color Variants: The bike comes in multiple color combinations like black-silver, burgundy-silver, and blue-silver to meet the demands of all kinds of riders. 

  • Knobby Tires: The tires take care of the road and give you the perfect grip on all kinds of roads. So, no matter which terrain you are riding on, knobby tires will help you maintain grip at all times. 

  • Whitewall Tires: The bike’s white wall improves its tread life and makes it stay longer than the other tires available in the market. 

  • 18 SpeedsYou don’t have to think twice while taking upon the unforeseen roads' challenges as the 18-speeds bike gives you complete control over the bike speed and handling. 

The 24’’ Micargi M series is the revamped and redesigned version of the Micargi M50, the only difference being the dimensions of the steel frame. The M40 has a 24’’ steel frame, which can accommodate riders of multiple heights and sizes. 

The M40 has 18-speed options that can drive you through all kinds of terrain. You can adjust the bike’s riding speed by adjusting the gears. Multiple gears give you an edge and the possibility to take on any challenge with great ease. 

The bike uses steel handlebars, seat post and stem, and nylon with steel composite v-brakes. You have complete control over the bike’s stability with the bike’s latest components. Steering around white steel handlebars is a breeze. 

Your riding safety is in complete control over the v-brakes. The brakes offer immense stopping power, so you never have to worry about your safety. The v-brakes give you control and observe the wet and muddy road conditions, so you do not lose control over the bike.

The bike uses knobby tires that give a great grip to tread over the most treacherous roads with ease. The bike is an entry-level mountain bike that can give you riding comfort even while facing the most challenges. The bike has a step-through frame, which allows mounting and dismounting super easy. 

Whitewall tires add strength and drastically improve the tread life of the tires. The whitewall tires never go out of style. Apart from giving the bike a great look, the whitewall tires also improve the bike's overall appeal.

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