Air Stone 8 Inch Disc Diffuser in White for Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump

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Type: Air Stone
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  • HEALTHIER WATER: This air stone works to create bubbles that will help to oxygenate and filter your water. It will help circulate the water in your tank and create a healthier environment for your aquarium’s fish and plants.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED BUBBLES: These air stones are made from a quality carborundum material that promotes high density, uniform, and more delicate bubbles.  These beneficial bubbles are perfect for any aquarium environment.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: This product is made of high-quality fine sand, silicon carbide, white corundum, and other materials through machine die casting and high temperature sintering. This material is perfectly safe to place inside any aquarium, and its function will benefit any water system.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply soak the air stone for 1 hour before use, and then you’re good to go! If you notice any decrease in bubble quantity or density, use a simple brush to clean any dirt or debris off the air stone to increase bubble production again. Please ensure that you use an air pump of 15 watts or greater with this model.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Did your air stone arrive to you damaged, or is it not working as it should even with the proper air pump? We offer a 1-year warranty and quality customer service, just reach out to us and we’ll do whatever we can to help you!



This product is made of high-quality fine sand, silicon carbide, white corundum, and other materials through machine die casting and high-temperature sintering. We offer a product lineup of air stones of various sizes and shapes for any aquarium setup! All these air stones are sturdy and durable, and have excellent air dispersion and filterability. Take care of your aquarium the right way with our air stones!



  • 200×27H mm White disc air stone
  • The top of the tube connector is 4mm, or 1/8 inches. The bottom of the tube connector is 8mm, or 5/16 inches.



  • Air stone of selected quantity, made of carborundum and other quality materials.



  1. Before use, connect the air stone with an air tube, and connect the other end of the air tube to the air pump.
  2. Please soak the air stone in water for about 1 hour before use, and then connect the air pump.
  3. If the air stone is used for a long time, dirt and other debris can block the small holes within the air stone. Take out your air stone and clean it with a simple brush if you notice a decrease in bubble quantity and density.
  4. The bubble production effect varies according to the power of the air pump used alongside the air stone. The depth of the water can also impact bubble production.
  5. The product should be installed out of the reach of children and children should not play with the product.


Shipping Weight:

  • 2.4 lbs (1110 grams)

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