AlorAir MERV-10 Filter for Storm SLGR 1600X Commercial Dehumidifier (2 Pack)


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AlorAir MERV-10 Filter for Storm SLGR 1600X Commercial Dehumidifier (2 Pack): Elevate Your Air Quality

Let's introduce you to a vital enhancement for your commercial dehumidifier, the AlorAir MERV-10 Filter for Storm SLGR 1600X Commercial Dehumidifier (2 Pack). Designed for maximum compatibility and performance, these filters make the upkeep of your commercial dehumidifier hassle-free while significantly enhancing its efficiency.

Compatibility and Dimensions

These filters have been designed with exact specifications to assure:

  • Perfect compatibility: Specifically for the AlorAir Storm SLGR 1600X Commercial Dehumidifier, ensuring seamless integration and optimum performance.
  • Ideal dimensions: Sized at 9.92×18.89×0.8 inches, these filters fit precisely to prevent harmful particles from bypassing and entering the unit.
  • Longer dehumidifier lifespan: Using the correct filter guarantees optimum performance and extends the lifespan of your dehumidifier.

Boost Dehumidifier Efficiency with Regular Filter Replacement

To ensure optimal operation of your Storm SLGR 1600X commercial dehumidifier:

  • Regular filter replacement is recommended. This not only improves the dehumidifier's efficiency but also lowers energy costs, contributing to a more sustainable environment.
  • Regular replacement reduces wear on the compressor, prolonging the lifespan of your unit.

Exceptional Filtration with MERV-10

The AlorAir MERV-10 Filter effectively captures a wide range of airborne particles, including:

  • Dust and lint
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mite debris
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander

This advanced filtration ensures cleaner, healthier air in your commercial space.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our filters are designed for straightforward installation, making maintenance a breeze:

  • The AlorAir MERV-10 Filter is user-friendly and can be quickly installed in your Storm SLGR 1600X Dehumidifier.
  • Maintenance is hassle-free. A visible color change in the filter alerts you when a replacement is needed.

Convenient 2-Pack

For your convenience, our filters come in a 2-pack, providing a backup to ensure uninterrupted operation of your dehumidifier. With this pack, you have a readily available replacement when it's time for a change.

Invest in Quality Air

Investing in AlorAir's MERV-10 Filter for Storm SLGR 1600X Commercial Dehumidifier not only ensures the longevity of your unit but also significantly improves your indoor air quality. Make a simple change today and feel the difference in your environment!

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