AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Basement Dehumidifier with Pump and Drain Hose


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AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Basement Dehumidifier with Pump and Drain Hose: Your Solution for Improved Air Quality

Transform your home environment with the AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Basement Dehumidifier with Drain Hose. Designed for modern homes, this powerful unit provides optimal humidity control, enhancing comfort and improving indoor air quality.

AlorAir Dehumidifier's Superior Performance

The AlorAir Sentinel HD35P is more than just an average basement dehumidifier. With its impressive features and performance capabilities, it proves itself a reliable companion for homes struggling with excess moisture.

AlorAir HD35P Basement Crawlspace Dehumdifier 70 Pints with drain hose perfect for basement
  • Powerful Dehumidification: Removes up to 70 pints of water per day at peak conditions (35 pints under AHAM conditions). This assures precise humidity control, making your spaces more comfortable and healthier.

  • Energy Star Certification: With its Energy Star rating, you're guaranteed energy-efficient operation, saving you on electricity costs while taking care of the environment.

  • GLGR Technology: Offers more precise humidity control for an improved living experience.

Modern Design for Modern Homes

Modern homes require modern solutions. The AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Dehumidifier is thoughtfully designed to suit the needs of today's homeowner.

  • Long Drain Hose: Comes with a 19.6 feet long drain hose for hassle-free distance drainage.

  • Built-in Condensate Pump: Whether your home requires gravity drainage or upward drainage, the built-in pump can conveniently pump water up to a height of 19.6 feet.

Superior Usability with AlorAir Basement Dehumidifier

The AlorAir Sentinel HD35P offers a range of user-friendly features for superior usability.

  • Automatic Defrost Function: Allows the unit to operate smoothly in low-temperature environments.

  • Memory Function: In case of a power outage, this function ensures that the dehumidifier restarts automatically.

  • Quiet Operation: The dehumidifier operates at less than 55 decibels, ensuring your peace and quiet isn't disturbed.

Convenient Drainage Options

Drainage is a worry-free process with the AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Basement Dehumidifier.

  • Internal Pump: The device features an internal pump that automatically removes collected water.

  • Versatile Pumping: Allows you to pump water sideways or vertically up to 19.6 feet away.

  • Gravity Drainage: Supports gravity drainage by connecting the drain hose.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

To maximize your dehumidifying experience, consider these optional accessories.

  • Remote Control: Allows for managing your dehumidifier from a distance.

    AlorAir Sentinel HD35P Crawlspace and Basement Dehumidifier Optional Accessories
  • Hanging Kits: These can help reduce noise and vibration during operation.

    Hanging Kit for AlorAir HD35P 70 Pint Basement Crawlspace Dehumidifier

Enhance your living environment today with the AlorAir Sentinel HD35P 70 Pint Basement Dehumidifier with Drain Hose - a high-performance solution to your humidity problems.

Product Specifications


15.35 x 11.2 x 11.4 inches


39.7 pounds

Dehumidification Capacity

70 pints per day (90°F, 90% RH) 35 pints per day (AHAM)

Drain Hose Length

19.6 feet

AlorAir HD35P Basement Dehumidifier 70 Pint with Built In Condensate Pump Going Out Window

Condensate Pump Height

Up to 14.7 feet

Coverage Area

Up to 1,000 sq. ft.

Noise Level

Less than 55 decibels


5-year machine maintenance warranty


Energy Star certified and ETL safety certified

Product Manuals:

User Manual

Specification Sheet

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