Bicycle Repair Installation & Removal Tool

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Bicycle Repair Installation & Removal Tool, Multi-Tool Kit


  • Double-sided plane thrust bearing
  • Installation labor-saving - hold the handle with both hands and slowly apply pressure during installation. Pay attention to observing whether the headset or bottom bracket is tilted and matched with the matching wrench or adjustable wrench. Step by step, it is recommended to install only one side at a time.
  • Aluminum alloy knurled handle, two-side plane thrust bearing
  • Aluminum alloy upper/lower pressing block. New aluminum alloy material, CNC fine turning electroplating treatment, surface anodized.
  • Pressure block design, the reverse side is used to assemble the press-in bottom bracket, and the sinking table is designed to avoid crushing the bearing during installation.
  • Time-saving and labor-saving - the bearing adopts a lubricating ball, a labor-saving operation, not easy to squeeze.


Weight: About 482.5 grams / about 456 grams
Material: Surface anodized aluminum alloy knurled handle with laser LOGO
Features: Plane thrust bearings on both sides / Plane thrust bearings on one side

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