Hollon B3500 Floor Safe

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Type: Floor Safes
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Hollon B3500 Floor Safe

Floor safes are much like wall safes, with the obvious distinction of being installed in the floor. These safes are sunken into the house itself, rather than sitting in plain sight like a traditional safe. Floor safes are perhaps the most secure variety since they have the double benefits of being concealed and hard to reach. A floor safe is sunk into concrete, so it isn’t going anywhere without a jackhammer! Thieves cannot access the sides or rear of the safe and they cannot manipulate or drill it. This makes the Hollon B3500 Floor Safe a great choice in protecting your valuables whether you are using it in your home or your business.

The Hollon B3500 Floor Safe Features a 1/2” thick solid steel door, five chrome plated solid steel locking bolts and a U.L. listed Group 2 lock, with relocker to protect against burglary attempts. It has a drill resistant hard plate to protect the lock and a full length dead bar as well as an air-spring bar to enable easy opening of the door.

Many homeowners and business professionals want the peace of mind that accompanies a high quality safe. More often than not, they struggle to find enough space to install it. With that in mind, the  Hollon B3500 Floor Safe is a perfect option.


  • B rated Floor Safe for Foundations      
  • 1/2" thick solid steel door             
  • Spring loaded relocking device.       
  • Full length dead bar.       
  • Powder coated for more durable protection.       
  • U.L. listed Group 2 lock, with relocker to protect against burglary attempts.
  • 5 chrome plated solid steel locking bolts       
  • Air-spring bar enables the door can be opened easily.       
  • Drill resistant hardplate to protect the lock


  • Outside Dimensions: 18.00" H x 23.50" W x 13.50" D
  • Inside Dimensions: 16.50" H X 23.00" W X 13.00" D
  • Weight: 140 lbs.

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