Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe

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Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe

It’s important for homeowners and business owners alike to keep their data & media safe from fire, theft and water damage. The Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe is designed to do just that. Paper will combust at temperatures greater than 177°C (350° Fahrenheit), but the data on storage media such as CDs, VHS and backup tapes is far more vulnerable to heat. It can be corrupted or destroyed when the temperature rises above 52°C (125° Fahrenheit). It also helps keep important documents such as tax records, company deeds and registration certificates protected in a fire as well, making this safe an invaluable investment. 

The Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe features a KIS Data/Media fire rating test of 1832 degrees F on the outside and it did not exceed 125 degrees F on the interior for one hour. It has one removable/adjustable shelf and an electronic digital lock. The smaller size is very convenient allowing you to place it in a smaller space such as a closet or in a cabinet.

Keep your documents and media safe from fire, water and theft with the Hollon HDS-500E Data Media Safe!


  • Data safes are recommended for keeping diskettes, tapes, or CD's in safe storage.
  • Temperatures above 125 degrees will ruin electronic data items, so put these items in a data safe for safe storage.
  • One-hour KIS Data/Media rating fire protection for media products (CDs, USB, External Hard Drives, ect.)
  • The hinge side has stationary bolts to hold the door shut
  • Fire rating- 1832°F outside, 125°F interior
  • No center Bolt-down hole
  • One removable shelf
  • Electronic Digital Lock
  • Protects against sprinklers, water, and humidity


  • Exterior Dimensions: 19.75″ H x 13.75” W x 16.75” D
  • Interior Dimensions: 11.25’’ H x 4.75″ W x 7.25” D
  • Weight: 141 Pounds

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