Hollon RH-2014C Rotary Hopper Depository Safe

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Hollon RH-2014C Rotary Hopper Depository Safe

When it comes to keeping your business's cash safe, an initial physical deterrent is often enough to deter an opportunistic thief. Having a Hollon RH-2014C Rotary Hopper Depository Safe in the office makes access to cash difficult enough to prevent many thefts. Many businesses have a large amount of cash in their offices at any one time, which is due to be transferred to the bank at a later date. This is also true of checks that should be safely stored until they can be moved to a secure location.

A recent study shows that a whopping $50 billion dollars are stolen from U.S. businesses by employees each year, and an estimated 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. In light of these statistics, it’s imperative to ensure a company’s assets are protected. 

The Hollon RH-2014C Rotary Hopper Depository Safe has a rotary turn style that allows for larger envelopes and cash bags to be deposited inside. The handle is turned to drop the deposit into the compartment below. The rotary does not allow access for anyone to be able to reach in and fish out deposits from the safe. Only the owner or manager can access the contents with the correct combination of the Group II combination dial lock. There are also 4 anchor holes which allows the safe to be securely bolted down to the floor.

Be sure to keep your business’s cash and documents safe and secure with the Hollon RH-2014C Rotary Hopper Depository Safe!


  • Top Rotary Hopper Drop
  • B-Rated Depository Safe
  • UL Listed Group 2 Dial Lock
  • 4 anchor holes (hardware not included)
  • 1/2″ thick solid steel door
  • (3) 1.25″ Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts
  • Heavy duty dead bar


  • Exterior Dimensions: 20.00" H x 14.00" W x 14.00" D
  • Interior Dimensions: 12.75" H x 13.75" W x 11.30" D
  • Weight: 93 Pounds

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