Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe

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Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe

The Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe is a very good choice for anyone who needs regular access to their possessions. Because it sits at eye or arm level, you can very easily open it and retrieve items without bending down. This makes it easier to see the keypad too. For these reasons, this wall safe is suitable for anyone with mobility issues, plus you can enjoy great concealment. The safe sits flush with the wall and you can very easily put it behind a portrait, curtain or even furniture. The chief objective of any safe is to cost a potential thief more time. Wall safes excel at this and most homeowner and business owners would agree that having a safe in the wall is more efficient in terms of space.

The Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe features a protective digital electronic locking system with approximately .50 cubic ft. of storage space. It has two interior shelves and also features a key lock override.

When ease of use and the advantages of concealment are put into consideration, a Hollon WSE-2114 Wall Safe can be the perfect choice to help protect your valuables!

  • Wall safe features a protective digital electronic locking system
  • Safe is made of heavy duty gauge steel
  • Approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space, with 1/8-inch steel door
  • Includes two removable interior shelves. Not adjustable
  • Has key lock override system

   *Depth behind keypad is actually 1-3/8*


  • Exterior Dimensions (This includes the flange): 22.19" H x 14.94" W x 4.00" D
  • Exterior Base (Base that goes into wall): 21.00" H x 14.00" W x 3.75" D
  • Interior Dimensions: 19.00" H x 13.88" W x 3.13" D
  • Weight: 28 Pounds

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