Quiet Air Pump Output 2X65GPH Oxygen Aerator Pump for 25 - 110 Gallons Fish Tank, Oxygen Adjustment

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8W Air pump with air volume 2×4L/min and the air pressure 0.018-0.02Mpa

Key Product Features: 

  • INCLUDED IN PURCHASE: One air pump of specified wattage.
  • OXYGENATE: These air pumps can be used in fish tanks, seafood ponds, carp ponds, and any water feature that could benefit from an increase in water oxygenation.
  • QUIET AND VERSATILE: Designed with an integrated air chamber to isolate mechanical noise. Shock-absorbing, anti-vibration rubber pads and durable pump housing minimize pump sounds. Air pump functions hanging on a wall or on its side, allowing for greater flexibility with setup and space usage.
  • STEADY OUTPUT: A steady, yet powerful flow helps circulate and aerate your aquarium. Air volume up to 2X65 GPH (or 2x4L/min.) Air pressure is 0.018-0.02Mpa.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: Built to last, this durable air pump should provide many hours of use time. Also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product Description

This versatile air pump is quiet and easy to set up. The gas regulation knob provides four airflow adjustments to suit the needs of your specific aquarium or fish tank. An anti-vibration rubber foot pad minimizes motor sounds. The pure copper motor is encased in a durable outer casing for long product life and additional noise cancellation.

Set up takes minutes. Simply connect the air pump to a power source, connect the tube from the pump air outlets to your air stone, and your aquatic environment has oxygen. This product is designed for ease of use with adjustable oxygen levels. Your air pump ships fast and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Before use, please check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are consistent with the requirements of this product.
  • This product works in a 5-40℃ Do not use in heavy sun exposure, rain, or wet places.
  • The oxygen pump is not waterproof. It cannot be in water and should be placed in an elevated position safe from water overflow or spillage to avoid water backflow and product damage.
  • To prevent accidents, please do not place the oxygen pump near flammable and explosive items.
  • Please do not use the power cord if it is damaged.
  • The product should be installed in a place out of reach of children, and children should not play with the product.
  • After using the oxygenating pump for a period, the bottom inlet filter cotton will collect dust. Please clean it regularly to avoid affecting the air output.



  1. The air pump power is AD-103 and 8W, the air volume is 2X65 GPH (or 2x4L/min,) and the air pressure is 0.018-0.02Mpa.
  2. The product size is 7 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  3. The product weight is 1 lb 3 oz


Shipping Info:

Shipping Time: 3-7 Business days

Handling Time: 1 business day


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