Sports Afield SA5930HX Haven Series Gun Safe - 75 Minute Fire Rating

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Sports Afield SA5930HX Haven Series Gun Safe - 75 Minute Fire Rating

The Sports Afield Haven Series SA5930HX is unique in that it is fire rated but also features a waterproof seal. Do you want to bolt your gun safe in your basement but worry when you go on a vacation that your basement will flood? The SA5930HX can't stop a flood from happening, but it can protect your items inside in the event of a flood. It will keep your belongings dry for up to 7 days in up to 2' of water using the Sports Afield proprietary Triple Seal.

Robust Security Features

The Sports Afield Haven SA5930HX also features a 75-minute fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1400 degrees F. There is a triple seal of smoke, fire, and water which is unique to Sports Afield. It is also California CDOJ approved. An electronic lock comes standard which will light up in the dark (illuminated). There are 2 backup keys in case the lock fails. 

Advanced Locking Mechanism and Construction

Security features on the Sports Afield SA5930HX Haven Series Gun Safe include a theft alert audio alarm, (10) 1.5" steel bolts, uni weld construction, and a bolt-down kit with 4 anchor bolts to mount to a solid surface. The outside is painted a durable dark earth matte textured finish. Inside there is a door organizer and adjustable shelves that can be customized depending on your needs. This gun safe will hold 36 long guns on the inside and 6 on the door organizer. It weighs a total of 560 pounds and has external dimensions of 59.00" high by 30.00" wide by 25.00" deep. Remember to add 2" to the depth for the handle, lock, and hinges.

Customizable Interior for Ultimate Convenience

Inside the SA5930HX, you'll find a well-organized space. The safe features a deluxe door organization system and adjustable shelving, allowing you to customize the interior to suit your specific needs. The inclusion of a UL-rated dual outlet and 2 USB ports ensures your electronic devices remain powered and protected. The 4 bar LED interior lighting enhances visibility, making accessing your belongings effortless.

If you have any questions regarding the Sports Afield SA5930HX Haven Series Gun Safe, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259!


  • Print Guard Lock - A 2 digit random code has to be inputted before the lock face is activated. This will ensure that prying eyes can not narrow down your security code by seeing your fingerprints on the touchpad.
  • Construction / Safety - 1.5" steel bolts with pry-resistant recessed doors and hardplates.
  • California CDOJ Approved.
  • Custom Features - Deluxe door organization.
  • Adjustable shelving.
  • UL Rated Dual Outlet / 2 USB Ports.
  • Body - 14 Gauge Steel.
  • 4 Bar LED Interior Lighting.


  • Gun Capacity: 36 + 6 on the door
  • External Dimensions: 59.00" H x 30.00" W x 25.00" D
  • Interior Dimensions: 55.50" H x 26.88" W x 18.25" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 15.75
  • Fire Rating: 75 minutes at 1400 degrees F
  • Lock Type: Illuminated Electronic Lock or Biometric Secure Entry ((Integrated Biometric Sensor 3-Spoke Handle)
  • Override Key (qty 2): YES
  • Theft Alert Audio Alarm: YES
  • Finish/Color: Dark Earth Matte
  • # of Steel Bolts: 10
  • Steel Bolt Size: 1.5"
  • Waterproofing: 2' for 7 days
  • Triple Seal - Smoke/Fire/Water: YES
  • Uni Weld Construction: YES
  • Door Organizer: YES - Deluxe
  • Zero Sag Steel Reinforced Top Shelf: YES
  • Power Outlet: YES
  • Bolt Down Kit: YES
  • CDOJ Approved: YES
  • Weight: 560 Pounds


Industry Best Warranty
At Sports Afield we stand behind our products by providing the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. If a problem does arise, we provide exceptional customer service to resolve all issues. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the purchase of their Sports Afield safe.

  • Lifetime, no-hassle warranty against theft, fire, and natural flood-free shipping.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, electronic lock, paint defects.

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