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Perfect Bike for Women & Men

I rarely write reviews,but felt it was important to put my opinion out there. You'll never be sorry you made this investment for your health and wellbeing. I got mine (mint green) and within one week my husband wanted one too so we got him the white one. I put well over 500 miles on it in 3 months time and don't have fancy trails to ride on. I rarely use the throttle as the pedal assist is enough and often just use 2 (out of 5) PAS mode. I have found the throttle helpful at an uphill stop sign and need to get through it quickly. It's easy to learn and feel very safe on it. I highly recommend this Bike and supplier. I had a bit of a wait time for the first one, but it was coming from across the ocean. Electric Zip kept me informed the best they could and this was when all of the container ships were backed up at the ports! When we ordered my husband's bike, it was here within the week. I run out of energy well before the battery does. I've never used up the whole battery at one ride! You'll love your decision on this bike once you make it so do it today before they're out of stock. Enjoy the fresh air and be sure to be safe by wearing a good helmet, bright clothing, and using your lights during the day even! Happy rolling!

Awesome Bike

I absolutely love my Catalina Cruiser I received for my 69th birthday. I have to admit, I was a bit scared at first, but after my maiden voyage, I was hooked!
I am averaging 10 miles a day and burning calories effortlessly. I rarely use the throttle because the pedal assist is so easy.
I am having so much fun on this ebike and I can’t wait to get out on the bike trails in the Fall to enjoy all the beautiful colors.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike with Front Suspension
David Hylton
Nice Bike Heavy Duty for Bigger Guys

Was looking for a Bike that is built for Bigger Guys and found this one. Working great and price was great also. Plenty of battery life for a day of riding and really makes a difference on pedaling uphill.

Better than expected

I purchased 2 e-bikes from Electric Zip and I must say these are like my title line says... better than expected. I was and still am very impressed with the quality of these bikes. I ride it everyday with a smile and can't wait to take it for a ride. Being able to go 3 times farther than I would on a regular bike is a plus all in itself. When I saw all the buttons and LCD screen I thought it was going to be a little confusing. Not at all. Very easy to use and fun to shift gears and adjust the PAS. I had to make a few small adjustments on the front brakes but that was easy as well and you get a nice tool kit to do what you need. I love this bike and have told all my friends and co-workers about them and to buy them from Andrew at Electric Zip. And finally... talking about Andrew, he is the most responsive, helpful and caring individual. I trust his company and I trust these bikes.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike with Front Suspension
Brett Hamel
1700 miles

Well had this bike almost a years now 1700 miles on it I ride it to work everyday I'm in iowa n it was below 0 for over a week n as long as I rode it to work which is 3 miles each way I had no issues I did have it inside at home and at work the only issues I've had seem to be with a few things having threads crossed and when I went to adjust them they became nonworking after one was brake caliper adjustment barrel was cross threaded and had to buy new one other was brake handle clamp was cross threaded and the bolt wouldn't come out n broke so need to buy new one now other than that no complaints

My new Camel

Received my new Camel a couple of weeks ago and am thrilled with it. I purchased an Elegance for my wife for Christmas and liked it so much I bought a Camel for myself. I had it assembled in a half hour. The bike is perfect for me. It's a smooth riding bike and is very attractive. I have neighbors looking at our bikes to potentially purchase for themselves.

Awesome bike

I really love my bike, I bought my bike first once my husband saw my bike he decided that he would like to have one too, when I order my bike end it was a fast delivery, everything they show their website everything was delivered it was so easy to put it together The good thing about all is that we didn’t have to pay no tax so we both have love our bikes so much now my daughter-in-law wants one my grandkids they won one so the whole family we’re going to be out together riding it is so much fun I’m 72 and this is a good exercise for both of us we are so happy thank you electric zip bikes I’m so happy that I run into this website, riding electric bike is so much fun you can do both pedal and electric you’ll enjoy like we do😀🚴‍♀️🚵

Enjoyable ride

Got this bike for my girlfriend she loves it. Everything we expected it to be. Only negative was adjusting Front brakes.

about Electric Bike Nakto Camel 250W City Cruiser Women Bicycle - CLW26F001

The package was on time and everything inside was as shown in the description/pictures with nothing damaged. Another thing that was nice about the bike, was that it was fairly easy to put together as half of the bike was already assembled beforehand; which was greatly appreciated!

The BEST bike!

This is literally the best bike I have ever Owen or even rode. I was a little skeptical because of the weight limit (which I pass) but let’s just say that it holds me and my son in his bike seat behind me. If you’re thinking of getting a bike, this would be the site. I loved my bike so much I had my boyfriend buy one as well. We love our bikes thank you electriczip


I upgraded the paddles due to me pushing the limits of everything I ride and it was a great investment and they match the bike perfect.


I've never been on a ebike, this is my first time and this bike is a lot of fun. I'm 6'3 - 220lbs when I received the bike I thought it's smaller then I was expecting, but they are right it fits me fine. I would recommend this bike. The only problem I had is the 4k camera did was not with the bike.


Badass E-bike very smooth!

Electric mountain bike

I bought the bike for my husband and he loves it. It was a little complicated to put together because the instructions are very vague and not many videos on YouTube, but we managed to put it together and its very comfortable and fun to ride.
I highly recommend the bike.
Thank you.

Electric Zip 4K Sport Camera
William McGregor

Awesome bike have ridden 30 plus miles no problem I’m 78 years old and have always ridden road bikes but it’s parked and I ride the fat tire rocket love the bike Lee

Great Bike

Ordered this bike for my husband after I got one last month. Absolutely love it!! Looks good, rides great! Love the extra it gives you riding in the wind or up hills. Easy to assemble. Only thing is seat is very uncomfortable, and will need to replace. I highly recommend

Ecotric Vortext City Cruiser Electric Bike, UL Certified
Youchun Ni
Review for Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike 300W

My neighborhood is on a hill and I had an ankle injury, now with an E-bike, I could go to more places without worrying about the pain, and I could choose to pedal with PAS when I want to get some exercises.
Andrew is the best person I've done business with. She offered a competitive price, answered all my questions, and helped me to make changes to my order. I also felt very good when I learned I Electric Zip donated on my behalf. Recommend to purchase on this site.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike with Front Suspension
Donald Dwyer

I love this bike and the other one I purchased as well. So far so good. I wish the Ecotric had a horn and a headlight like the Discovery. Rear lights would be great on both. I have other people who have expressed interest and have given them your website.

JOYOR 27.9 Miles Long Range Electric Scooter, Seat, F3S
Keven B.
Exceeds Expectations!

Sleek, Smooth & Sturdy. Performs BETTER than advertised!... How many scooters do that?

With a factory estimated 21.7 mph speed 27.9 mi range, I experienced 23 mph and 29+ mi Range consistently.(And I have only ever used 2 bars of the battery!) But im a small dude (5'8"-155 lbs)
Bright headlight & taillight.
The alarm( with 2 keyfob's incl.) is loud.
The seat was an unexpected blessing. Thought I would never use it but.. I use it all the time. Customer service? YES! The Best! I sent e-mail at midnight and got response 4 minutes later!... Yup... The company seems to truly take pride in what they do. Great Work Joyor Scooters & Electric Zip as well. Also, this is not a paid review. My name is Keven, I'm 27, I have about 75mi on the odometer and I paid full price for my scooter, which arrived in less than one week I might add. Hope your experience will be as good as mine was. Happy Riding!...
{UPDATE} I am now age 30. This scooter has almost 1400 miles on the odometer. And I have taken it all over the place! Still going strong!


A pleasure. riding on bike paths. The battery has. A lot of power also.

I got the most nice fa bike!!

I got Nakto 500W fat bike, I have ridden this for a month, still good and nice. Just I think if it were 750W, I'd be better.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike with Front Suspension
Ryan Laughery
Great bike

I already put 150 miles on my 500w ecotric. I love it

50 & ZIPPY

My wife & I ordered 2 Fat Tire Discovery E-Bikes from Nakto to get outside during the "Covid-Times." We were very satisfied w/ how fast our order was delivered and the assembly was so easy. We were impressed w/ the performance of these bikes. We are both pushing 50 yrs. old and we can't get enough of how much fun we have and how easy these bikes are to ride. It was worth every penny and we can't wait for the next day to take a ride! We definitely tell our co-workers and family just how much entertainment we get out of our
Discovery bikes. I highly recommend and we are talking about ordering 2 of the Cruisers to have a variety of rides around our beach town.

JOYOR 50.2 Miles Long Range Electric Scooter, F7
Rohan Vakharkar
Amazing service! Great price! Highly recommended

We were amazed how fast the scooter was shipped and arrived. I was great value for money. The team is super nice and responsive! Highly recommended, seriously!

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