Technical Issues With Electric Bikes

Technical Issues With Electric Bikes

Technical Issues With Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have many moving parts that are vulnerable to damage, wear, and tear. This blog will give you lots of information about potential problems, how to fix them, and how to prevent them. We also want to let you know that has your back and is here to help.

What To Do When Your New Electric Bike Arrives

Read The Manual

It can be very tempting to jump on your bike and go for a ride. However, try to keep a lid on your excitement for a little longer. Make yourself a coffee, sit down and read the manual. It will be chock full of essential information regarding setting up your bike, charging the battery, and getting the most out of owning it. Even though it is tempting to do so, you should never skip this step.

Check All The Bolts

When you buy an electric bike online, you experience a lot of conveniences. However, you will need to put together the final assembly yourself and check over it to ensure it is safe. This time is an excellent opportunity to check that everything is working right. The good news is that it is easy to do this, and only takes a few minutes.

We recommend that you perform an "M check." Following the shape of the letter M from your front wheel to your rear wheel will ensure that you don't miss a bolt. 

Check the bolts for the front wheel and brake, then up to the ones on your handlebars, stem, and controls. From here, move down to the pedals, cranks, and chainrings. Then test the bolts on the seat post and saddle before checking all the bolts on the rear wheel, brake, and derailleur. 

You may have bought an electric bike with suspension. If this is the case, make sure the pivot and rear shock bolts are tight.

You can do most of the M check with a set of Allen keys, but it would be best to use a torque wrench, so you don't overtighten the bolts.

Align Your Gears

When your new electric bike arrives, you should check that its gears are running correctly. This check is something you can do yourself, but it can be pretty awkward at times. Therefore, take it to a bike shop if your bike isn't changing gears and if you are struggling to align them. A good bike mechanic will have them running smoothly in a couple of minutes.

Lube Up Your Bike

Making sure that everything that needs to be lubricated and has a nice coating of grease or oil is an excellent way to ensure your electric bike operates properly. Lubricating your electric bike's headset, axles, seat post, chain, and frame bearings will slow down wear and tear while preventing annoying squeaks.

You may not have considered that you need to lube up your bike. It is a bit of a time-consuming and messy task, but it will increase the longevity of your bike's components and save yourself from costly repair bills.

Check The Motor And Battery Work Correctly

Charge the battery according to the user manual, and mount it to your new bike. Pedal your bike with no assistance to get a feel for it. Then go through each assistance level to make sure they all work and to get a feel for them.

While you are doing this, ensure that your bike's brakes work correctly. This practice will also give you a chance to get used to them to use them properly when riding.

What To Do If You Encounter A Problem With Your Electric Bike?

If your electric bike has a problem, it can be tricky to find a resolution. But at, we will help you as much as we can. All you need to do is call or email us with the details of your problem. We will provide you with the answer or, depending on the issue, contact the manufacturer on your behalf. There still may be a wait for a response, but we will do our best to find a solution.

As we are a distributor, we act as your liaison with the manufacturer. The manufacturer may not always respond promptly, which is typical in this industry, unfortunately.
The manufacturer may also decline to cover the issue, citing the warranty does not cover it or other reasons. We cannot override the manufacturers' decisions, which is the same as when purchasing at a physical store.

Be Prepared During A Ride

Riding your electric bike unprepared is a bad idea, especially in the early days of owning it. No matter what kind of bike you ride, during those first few rides, bikes need to "bed-in." Bolts can begin to come loose due to vibrations, even if you have done your M check. Therefore, it is good to carry a multitool with you so that you can nip up any loose bolts during a ride. Don't ignore unwanted noises; investigate where they are coming from before continuing your ride.

You should also carry a spare inner tube, pump, and tire levers on every ride. Replacing a punctured inner tube allows you to finish your journey and not get stranded miles from home.

If you are on a long ride, you may want to carry a spare battery with you. An extra battery will extend your assisted range, allowing you to get home safely.

Things To Check When Your Electric Bike Isn't Working Properly

Problems with your electric bike's battery could include it losing power too quickly or not charging properly. You can buy a cheap voltmeter to check the battery's voltage. This device will also highlight if you have blown a fuse or have a faulty connection. You can also use the voltmeter to see if your battery charger is defective.

A quick check for a poor battery connection is to have a look at the battery terminals. If the prongs don't line up correctly, the connection with the bike could be compromised. Therefore, you may be able to bend them back into place gently.

The motor cut-off switch wires, throttle, controller, and pedal-assist components are other simple things to check. If any of these looks damaged, you will be able to get to the cause of the problem quickly.

Check Your Warranty

The warranty details are pretty dull, but you would be wise to read them. By checking the warranty, you will know what you are entitled to if you get a problem with your electric bike. The warranty will cover specific components and issues and will have a time limit on them.

You may find in the warranty details that only the parts are covered, not labor or shipping and that some issues are considered wear and tear and not covered. So, you may need to change the part yourself or pay a bike mechanic to do it for you.

If your electric bike is out of warranty or the problem is not covered, you will need to pay a bike shop for the repair.

What Does The Warranty Cover On An Electric Bike?

Most electric bike manufacturers offer a warranty of one to five years. These warranties usually cover the battery, motor, and frame, but this will differ between manufacturers. Some manufacturers do not cover the battery, or they will have terms to greatly limit the coverage.

The battery is the most expensive and technical part of an electric bike. Most electric bike batteries are covered for two years by their warranty, but the terms are very strict and limited. Often, the warranty will only kick in when the battery fails completely.

Looking at the rest of an electric bike's components, you will notice that some manufacturers offer a lifetime limited warranty for the frame. However, some will only provide one year of cover.

It is worth noting that spending more money will give you a more comprehensive warranty.

What To Look For In A Good Bike Shop

If you need to take your electric bike to a professional mechanic, you want it to be in good hands. Bike shops are not hard to find, but how do you know if it is a good one?

Make Sure It Is Convenient

It is very inconvenient if you need to travel a long way to get your electric bike fixed, especially if you have to go to the bike shop several times. Therefore, find a bike shop that is close to home or on a popular cycle route.

Make Sure They Have Good Technical Skills

If your local bike shop isn't very familiar with electric bikes, find one that is. You don't want their mechanics learning how electric bikes work by working on yours. The extra time it takes them will cost you in labor charges, and you don't want people experimenting with your bike.

Some bike owners will go out of their way to ensure that a specific mechanic works on their bike. A bike shop's reputation often hinges on its mechanic. So, speak to other riders and check out online reviews to see if the shop you are thinking about using is any good.

On top of these elements, make sure the staff are helpful and honest. You will know if they are bad pretty quickly, especially if they make you feel foolish when you ask them questions.

Final Thoughts

Buying an electric bike online can be daunting. But, with some vigilance and some help from us, you can feel more confident about buying your new wheels on the internet.

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