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How To Choose A Bike Size - Step By Step Guide

Hitting the right bike size is something that can save a lot of your headaches. Sounds good! Just imagine if it’s not? This question may irritate you in the early stage of buying an electric bike.

Moreover, it is now easier to order anything online, and so are bikes. But this comfort of having a bike at your doorstep does not let you try your bike beforehand, unlike buying bikes in person.

Don’t worry. We have come up with the best techniques that can help you find your right bike size to avoid any inconvenience later.

Moving forward, these bikes come in a range of different sizes to fit all kinds of riders. The size of a bike usually encompasses the length/distance between the top of the seat to the crankset.

Just keep reading this article to find solutions regarding the easy measurement of the right bike size

Let’s begin with the simplest technique

  1. Bike vs. height chart

This technique is indeed the easiest method that one can ever find to do the job. In it, you only need to find out the approximate bike size against your corresponding height in the chart. Though it doesn’t measure accurately but it can help you to make an initial estimate of your right bike size.


Bike size (Inches)

4’11” – 5’3″

13 – 15″

5’3″ – 5’7″

15 – 16″

5’7″ – 5’11” 

16 – 17″

6’0″ – 6’2″

17 – 19″

6’2″ – 6’4″

19 – 21″




  1. Inseam measurement

To determine the exact size of the bike, the inseam measurement plays a great role. It is basically inner leg measurement in which you stand upright against a wall while holding a hardcover book vertically pressed into your crotch area. The top region of the book touching against the wall is marked with a pencil.

 The distance measured between the marked point to the floor is your inseam value. It can be used to find the exact frame size by the following calculations,

Mountain bikes 

 Your frame size = Inseam value (cm) x 0.66

Commuter bikes 

Your frame size = Inseam value (cm) x 0.685 

Road bike 

Your frame size = Inseam value (cm) x 0.70

For example, if your inseam value is 80 cm, then your approximate mountain and commuter bike sizes will be 53 and 55 cm, respectively.


  1. Advanced measurements 

This method incorporates both rider height and inseam value to define the right frame size, which adds extra value to its credibility. Previously, we have described how to measure inseam value accurately.

To measure your height, you can stand still along the wall with a hardcover book placed horizontally on your head. Mark with a pencil, the point on the wall being touched with the book. Then simply measure the distance between the marked point to the floor that is your accurate height.

Let’s have a look at the size charts of different bikes!

Mountain bike size chart

Biker’s height (Feet)

Inseam value (Inches)

Appropriate frame size (Inches)



< 14″






16” / 17″






18″ / 19″






Commuter bike size chart


Biker’s height (Feet)

Inseam value (Inches)

Appropriate frame size (Inches)




















Road bike size chart


Biker’s height (Feet)

Appropriate frame size (Inches)
















That’s it. Now you are ready to find your exact frame size using the following charts against your corresponding height and inseam values.


  1. Online calculators to measure bike size

 It is worth being categorized as the easiest technique to measure your frame size. Some websites offer this service with their online calculators in which you only need to add required values, i.e., height, thigh-length, or inseam values. These calculators automatically generate the approximate values of bike size that easily fit you.

Through the competitive cyclist calculator and ebicylcles fit calculator, one can easily determine its right bike size in a matter of seconds.


Are you still reading? Great! Let’s discuss the chances of having the wrong bike size quickly and what to do in that situation?

First of all, try to contact your merchant if there is any possibility of exchanging the bike with the right one. But if it’s not possible then don’t worry you can still try the following options

  • Adjust your saddle by moving it back and forth to find the right position
  • Purchase a stem with a bit longer or shorter length to adjust your body position and see if it works.
  • You can even extend the size of the bike by having a tad, bigger seat post.
  • You get accustomed to your bike size as time passes. So, spend some of your time being familiar with tactics on how to handle it. Believe me! It works. You will soon feel the difference for sure.  

 Have you figured out your right fit? Great! Now hit the road with your perfect bike.


We hope that after going through this short guide, you will no longer be worried about the bike size that fits you. But still, if you are feeling on the fence, then let us know below in the comment section. Our experts will try to guide you as soon as possible. Good luck with your e-bike journey

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