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How To Choose An Electric Bikes? A Comprehensive Guide for beginners

Electric bikes have surprisingly gained more attention over the last years due to their incredible features and eco-friendly nature. They are equipped with a convenient rechargeable electric battery to help them in propulsion.

Now, several companies are producing these electric bikes, and sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose the right bike according to your desired features and budget.

To assist you in opting for the best electric bicycle, we have come up with a detailed guide that can serve the purpose.

At first, we have categorized all the e-bikes into the following groups based on their style and features,

Electric mountain bikes

These bicycles offer comfortable and smooth rides on hill areas and rough terrains. Being on a tighter budget, you can choose hardtail mountain bikes, which usually lack rear suspension yet efficient for off-road biking.

If you can spend little more then go for full suspension mountain bikes featuring both rear and a front suspension fork and are suitable for technical terrains like downhill mountain biking. They have built-in features to survive high jumps of around 10 ft and safely hitting the ground. Companies like Nakto, Ecotric are producing such e-bikes.

Our Choices:

Electric Cruiser Ebike or City commuter bikes

This broad category includes several types of e-bicycles, such as hybrids, racing, and gravel-bikes. They have standard built-in features of thinner tires, forward inclining structure, thinner saddles with no rear or forward suspensions. They are suitable for commuting purposes and on-road excursions as they are much lightweight and have efficient peddling.

Our Choices:

Electric cruiser bikes

 If you are planning to cruise alongside the beach, then electric cruiser bikes are for you. They feature convenient upright seating, wide saddle, and bigger handlebars. The bigger tires of cruiser-bikes of around 3″ are perfect for riding on soft and unsteady terrain like sand, mud, and snow lands. 


Electric cargo bikes

These e-bicycles serve the purpose of carrying weight according to their varying capacities. While maintaining the typical size, some e-bikes have a frame that can be stretched on either side of the back wheel to shape it into a weight hauling platform. A cargo bike named Tern GSD can carry around 400 lb weight with its optimal size.

Electric folding bikes

Nothing can beat the ease of a bike that can be folded back to fit under the desk without compromising commuting comforts. E-folding bicycles can be reduced to a suitcase's size by folding back its structure at their folding points. So if you are planning to go for a trip, then its handy to carry folding bikes in your car trunk. It is usually heavier than the regular bike of the same size, but its portability evens all its drawbacks.

Our Choice:

Electric fat bikes

These e-bicycles are named so because they usually feature big tires of 4″ size to absorb bumps and potholes efficiently. They are perfect for riding on loose soil like deep sands, muds, and snow lands. These bikes let rider experience as if he is cycling on the air balloons.

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Other speciality e-bikes

The e-bikes included in this category are designed to serve special purposes like e-tricycles that are good for the riders with some kind of disabilities. Another type is Electric tandem bicycle that is best for couples who want to ride on the same bike as it has two seats with two pairs of pedals.



Price ranges for electric bikes

Once you are done with deciding the type of e-bike you want, the next step is to look at prices to keep your purchases in line with your budget,

Let's have a look at some prices ranging from ultra-affordable to ultra-premium

  • Ultra-economical electric bicycles

The price range of this category is from $300 to $500. A Chinese company named Xiaomi is manufacturing e-bicycles within this price range. No doubt they are cheap, but on the flip side, their quality may be compromised.

  • Economical electric bicycles

The price range of this category is from $500 to $1000. A brand named Nakto, Ecotric, Addmotor are producing e-bicycles in this range without much compromising on the quality. These e-bikes in the price range are the most popular choices and can be used for a longer duration when they are taken care of well.  

  • Mid-range electric bicycles

The price range of this category is from $1000 to $2500. These e-bikes in this range have an improved quality of bike components. 

  • Premium electric bicycles

The price range of this category is from $2500 to $5000. Some prominent names in this category featuring superior quality bike components are Priority Embark, Trek Super Commuter, Raleigh Redux, Yamaha Wabash, and Cero One.

  • Ultra-premium electric bicycles

This category's price range is from $5000 to $10,000 and features exceptionally high-quality bike components. An electric bike named Stromer ST5 is one of the most expensive yet quickest and advanced e-bikes in the market.


And that's all for now. You are ready to buy your ideal electric bike with once you decide the type and price range. Good luck with the e-bike journey!

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My new Camel

Received my new Camel a couple of weeks ago and am thrilled with it. I purchased an Elegance for my wife for Christmas and liked it so much I bought a Camel for myself. I had it assembled in a half hour. The bike is perfect for me. It's a smooth riding bike and is very attractive. I have neighbors looking at our bikes to potentially purchase for themselves.

Awesome bike

I really love my bike, I bought my bike first once my husband saw my bike he decided that he would like to have one too, when I order my bike end it was a fast delivery, everything they show their website everything was delivered it was so easy to put it together The good thing about all is that we didn’t have to pay no tax so we both have love our bikes so much now my daughter-in-law wants one my grandkids they won one so the whole family we’re going to be out together riding it is so much fun I’m 72 and this is a good exercise for both of us we are so happy thank you electric zip bikes I’m so happy that I run into this website, riding electric bike is so much fun you can do both pedal and electric you’ll enjoy like we do😀🚴‍♀️🚵

about Electric Bike Nakto Camel 250W City Cruiser Women Bicycle - CLW26F001

The package was on time and everything inside was as shown in the description/pictures with nothing damaged. Another thing that was nice about the bike, was that it was fairly easy to put together as half of the bike was already assembled beforehand; which was greatly appreciated!

The BEST bike!

This is literally the best bike I have ever Owen or even rode. I was a little skeptical because of the weight limit (which I pass) but let’s just say that it holds me and my son in his bike seat behind me. If you’re thinking of getting a bike, this would be the site. I loved my bike so much I had my boyfriend buy one as well. We love our bikes thank you electriczip


I upgraded the paddles due to me pushing the limits of everything I ride and it was a great investment and they match the bike perfect.