Nakto Cruiser Electric Bike CRUISER, Fat Tire - 300W

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Nakto CRUISER Fat Tire Electric Bike

Have you ever wanted a fun, safe way to get fit? Do you want a comfortable electric bike with a battery that will last for a long time? Then, you'll love the Nakto Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike. It's the most influential fat tire electric bike due to its excellent design, good performance, and low price. Thus, hailed as one of the best performing fat tire e-bikes in the Nakto brand.



  • Rear Hub 36V 300W Brush-less Motor
  • A High-Quality 36V 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Adjustable Saddle Design
  • HD LCD Display on a Big Screen
  • LED Headlight and Brake Motor
  • Can go up to 22-28 MPH

The Nakto Cruise Fat Tire Electric Bike is designed to explore more ranges in their riding adventure. Equipped with a high-quality 36V lithium-ion battery with good safety performance and built-in overcharge protection, you can travel long distances without worrying about getting stuck. One of the most important aspects of any bike is how comfortable it feels when you ride it. Thankfully, the Nakto Cruiser allows you to adjust it to suit your needs. This ensures that you will want to use it more frequently.

The fat tires mean that your weight will get spread out more evenly as you ride. This makes it perfect for riding in difficult conditions, like over sand, snow, or gravel. For this reason, you'll be able to ride your bike year-round and will never run out of exciting places to ride.

The Nakto Cruise has been designed to look sleek, ensuring that you look great while using it. In addition, it's equipped with plenty of high-tech features to make sure that it remains convenient. A 5-speed LCD that clearly shows the Voltage Level Status, PAS Level Status, current speed, etc., and for you to measure your results on a big screen. The gears make it easy to control your speed and get more traction to help you up hills.

Safety should be the most essential thing to consider when riding. The Nakto cruiser has multiple features that guarantee safety throughout your adventure. There are anti-skid tires to prevent you from sliding off the road. The strong bright LED headlight that you can use at night. The brake motor that's proven efficient when maneuvered. And many more.


    MOTOR Rear Hub 36V 300W
    BATTERY 36V 10Ah Lithium-Ion
    PACKING DIMENSION 1580 x 280 x 775 mm
    TIRES 26" x 4"
    FRAME Steel
    BRAKING SYSTEM Front and Rear Disc Brake
    DISPLAYER LED Displayer
    LIGHTS Front - LED light
    Rear - Reflective light
    SENSOR Speed Sensor
    WIRING Waterproof Connectors and Wiring Harness
    FUNCTIONS Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
    MODES 3 Modes
    BATTERY LIFE Up to 1000 Cycles
    RECOMMENDED RIDER 5'3" - 6'3"
    WEIGHT w/ BATTERY 68 lbs
    LOAD CAPACITY 243 lbs
    CHARGING TIME 4 - 6 Hours
    RANGE 22 - 28 miles


    - The kickstand position may change from time to time but will not affect the standing of the bike.
    - The Logo color may change from time to time from green to white.
    - The maximum speed is tested under perfect condition road conditions and does not perform at the max speed on any type of road condition.
    - The net weight might be heavier due to the material.
    - The weight capacity might be less due to the road condition.
    - The battery capacity might be less due to the road condition.


    • All Nakto's electric bikes are covered under the manufacturer's 1-year warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects.
    • This includes main bike components: motor, battery, controller, throttle, and PAS system.
    • Parts are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects in materials and/or craft for a 1 year period from the original purchase date.

    The bike comes 80% assembled. A few minor adjustments are to be made to ensure rider safety. Please refer to our assembly videos on the Customer service tab for further instructions.
    NAKTO E-BIKES Set Speed Limit According To United States Federal Regulations, Maximum Speed In Power Mode Is Programmable And Can Be Adapted To The Local Regulations Of Any Country.
    All Range Estimates Are Contingent Upon Rider And Towing Weight, Wind Speed And Terrain.

    Nakto Cruise Fat Tire Electric Bike Simple Assembly Step By Step:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 70 reviews
    Walter Kovalev
    Better than expected

    I purchased 2 e-bikes from Electric Zip and I must say these are like my title line says... better than expected. I was and still am very impressed with the quality of these bikes. I ride it everyday with a smile and can't wait to take it for a ride. Being able to go 3 times farther than I would on a regular bike is a plus all in itself. When I saw all the buttons and LCD screen I thought it was going to be a little confusing. Not at all. Very easy to use and fun to shift gears and adjust the PAS. I had to make a few small adjustments on the front brakes but that was easy as well and you get a nice tool kit to do what you need. I love this bike and have told all my friends and co-workers about them and to buy them from Andrew at Electric Zip. And finally... talking about Andrew, he is the most responsive, helpful and caring individual. I trust his company and I trust these bikes.

    Nakto Fat Tires

    Update. Natko Cruisers. 300w 36 volts. We have had our bikes now for several months. Have exceeded 300 miles. Still doing great. Love the Rail to Trail rides. Coeur d'Alene ID. 31 miles on a charge. And the Hiawatha Trail. Also the Row river trail, Cotage Grove OR. 32 miles round trip with a some battery left. Great investment! Next trip Montana.
    Will update again when approach 500 miles. Happy trails. Stephen.

    Amazing Customer Service too!

    I recently received my Nakto Cruiser and I absolutely love it! It seems to be made of good durable material and it's stunning. Plus the customer service is amazing. Andrew is absolutely the best with resolves any questions that I have. And trust me I had a lot. Andrew is patient, accommodating, and quick with the replies. Great company!

    Michael Raia
    Fantastic bike, great purchase

    The bike is exactly what I expected, I assembled it as per the directions charged the battery and I was off, it's a great ride and I'm getting familiar with it plan on riding it to work here real soon once my helmet arrives. Thanks much I'm totally pleased.

    Nakto Fat Tires

    36v 300w Nakto Fat Tires.
    My wife and I have had our Nakto bikes for a few months now. We ride as often as we can. We just did a 25 mile trip and still had some battery left. Batteries take aprox. 4 hrs to charge. These bikes are very well designed and have been evreything they say. So far they have exceeded our expectations. Flatter terrain they might do 30 miles. Our friends and family love them also. Price was exceptional. We are so glad we stepped up and made the purchase. The customer service at Electric Zip is above standard and that is truly why we would highly recommend others to consider enjoying the same experience that we have. Great Bikes, Great price, Great Service. Thanks to Andrew @ Electric Zip.

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