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Get Micargi Seeker 12’’ for those learning how to balance and coordinate a bike without letting the negative effect of training wheels get in the way! The bike offers high-durability of a BMX and offers easy balance so training becomes an easy process. The bike is perfect for girls and boys both as the seat can be adjusted according to the rider’s height.

  • Pneumatic Tires: You experience less shaky and bump free rides as the pneumatic tires are heavy duty and do not let you feel the impact of the uneven roads.
  • Learn Balance and Coordination: Without leaving any negative effects of training wheels the skeeter tires teach you how to learn balance and coordination easily.
  • BMX Lookalike: The bike is not just great in teaching balance and coordination but also great looks, the BMX type seat and grips make it comfortable.
  • Adjustable Seat: The height of the seat can be adjusted as per the requirement, making it perfect for girls and boys of any height.

The design is ergonomic and does not create noise and air pollution. Low center of gravity trains the kid to learn balance easily. Perfect model for training. The adjustable height of the seat makes the bike perfect for girls and boys both. You can make adjustments as per your requirement.

The bike does not create noise or air pollution. To accelerate the bike walk besides the bike, run and then cruise on the bike. Children can enjoy riding and take complete control over the bike.

To bring a bike to a stationary position you have to use your legs. Ride at a comfortable speed which should be too high and then gradually start touching the ground to slow it down. If the speed is not too high then you can firmly place your feet on the ground to stop it at an instant.

Without the use of training wheels, girls and boys can learn how to create balance. Training wheels may have a negative effect on your riding as you get fully dependent on the training wheels for riding support, whereas with the skeeters you never have to be dependent on the trainers.

In the absence of any brakes you the riders can get a better idea of when to apply brakes. So. skeeters give you complete control over the bike.

The pneumatic tires are tough and built to withstand the heavy shocks. They easily absorb the unevenness and allow you to ride with less bumping and shaking. The tires have a thicker tread and ensure great traction on uneven and loose surfaces.


  • SKU/Model No.: SKEETER
  • Frame/Fork: Hi-Ten steel step through
  • Bars: Painted steel
  • Stem: Painted steel
  • Seat Seat Post: Painted steel / quick release
  • Tires: Pneumatic
  • Rims: 12" steel
  • Spokes: Painted steel
  • Hubs: Ball Bearing
  • Grips: BMX Type
  • Seat: BMX Type

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