26 Inch Micargi Men's Stealth Beach Cruiser- Matte Black


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The Micargi men’s stealth beach cruiser will take you on a ride like a breeze. The bike is a head turner and a great performer, too, with its latest components like coaster brakes, cruiser style steel chrome, 26" X 2.125" black tires, and matte black rims. The bike’s coaster brakes give you excellent control over the bike, so you ride peacefully at your own pace.

  • Coaster Brakes: With a very little coordination requirement, the coaster brakes leave absolute control in your hands, ensuring great control.
  • Fenders: You can reach your destination without staining your clothes with dirt and water as the fenders act as a barrier against all, letting you ride without worry.
  • Hi-Rise Handlebars: The cruiser-style handlebars let you sit and enjoy your ride in an upright position. You do not have to slouch and break your back with the hi-rise bars.
  • Matte Black Finish: The matte finish does not reflect any scratches, unlike the shiny finish bikes. So, your bike is never getting old!

The bike with a matte black finish will become a rage in town with its distinctive looks. The bike’s matte black frame comes with decals that enhance its aesthetic looks. The moon bar style handlebars will give you a retro feel while riding.

Although the looks are retro, it has been equipped with new-age components to get maximum comfort. The nicely cushioned saddle comes with springs that absorb the jitters, so you hardly feel the shocks when you ride through the puddles.

Hi-rise handlebars are a great comfort for your hands—no need to recline and hurt your back. The hi-rise handlebars will give you an enjoyable riding experience. The bike’s fenders do not let the splashes of dirt and mud lying on the road get near you. The fenders are a barrier as they come in between to protect your clothes from the mud that the tires kicked up.

Your footwear or clothes won’t get soiled by the chainring as it serves as the chainguard fully encloses the chain. Riding at night is ensured safe with the rear reflector, giving the other vehicles a clear indication from afar.

Cruising around the town becomes all the way more exciting with the coaster brakes. The brakes do not include haphazard riding and do not interfere with the look and design. The bike looks cleaner and better.

The bike has a matte black finish, which enhances its appeal. Are you ready to own your very own matte beauty?


  • SKU/Model No.: STEALTH-M
  • Frame: 18.5" Beach Cruiser Hi-Ten Steel
  • HandleBar: Cruiser Style Steel Chrome
  • Fork: Hi-Ten Steel Fork
  • Rim: Alloy 26" with Matt Black Finish
  • Tires: 26" X 2.125" Black
  • Brakes: Coaster Brakes

This beach cruiser has a Welded Coaster Brake Hub. During installation and repair, be sure the lock ring for the sprocket is snug. Loose or uninstalled lock rings will result in bearing loss and harm to the rider.

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