26'' Micargi Womens Pantera 7SP

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The 26’’ Micargi Women’s Pantera 7SP will become every girl’s dream drive with some of the latest components like a comfortable cruiser saddle, wide moon bars, Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, front, and rear V-brake, making the journey all the way more enjoyable and safe. The bike’s whitewall tires and fenders change the overall look and feel of the bike.

  • Dual V-Brakes: The v-brakes function without adding stress to the spokes and hubs. Also, its maintenance and replacement happen easily.
  • All-Weather Brakes: V brakes perform best all around the year irrespective of the weather conditions and the type of terrain.
  • Step-Through Frame: Wearing dresses and skirts lets you get on and off easily.

The Micargi women’s Pantera is all that you need! You get the best of comforts and style in one. The bike frame has a low-rise design, which will allow you to get on and off the bike without any problems. Mounting and dismounting will be easier for you and quick. Unlike the other bikes, with Micargi Pantera, you do not have to think twice before wearing a dress or long skirt before riding.

The Micargi Pantera has a hi-ten steel frame, which is sturdy and gives you complete confidence. It is durable so that the bike will stay around with you for a pretty long time.

The bike comes with coaster brakes that deliver an excellent performance all around the year. Whether the terrain is dry or wet, by simply kicking back the pedals, the bike will stop immediately. So, your safety has been given utmost importance while designing the bike.

You get the bike in various colors, including white, mint green, vanilla, baby blue, pink, purple, and burgundy. The bike is not gorgeous but super comfortable too. The padded seat comes with springers that absorb the shocks which you may feel while riding. Your lower back is not going to hurt with the springers.

Your arms also feel relaxed while going on long journeys as the springer fork absorbs the maximum unrest, so you do not feel a thing. The bike is bound to give you a next-level experience, and when you ride it in your neighborhood, people are going to ask you about it!


  • SKU/Model No.: Pantera-7SP-F

  • Frame: 26" Beach Cruiser Hi-Ten Steel

  • Brakes: V Brakes

  • Rims: Alloy With Stainless Steel Spokes

  • Colors: Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Vanilla, White, Mint Green, Baby Blue

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