4230 GPH External Submersible Huge Flow Pond Water Pump 160W Variable Frequency with External Controller

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External Submersible Huge Flow Pond Water Pump

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Key Product Features

  1. POWERFUL FLOW: This pump provides a flow of up to 4230 GPH or 16000 L/H, max water height of 29’6.”
  2. ADAPTABLE: This frequency-control water pump is great for circulating water in fishponds, fountains, hydroponics systems, and other large water features. Functional in both fresh water and salt water.
  3. AMPHIBIOUS: Simply remove the front net cover and install a water nozzle to the front to turn this pump amphibious. Comes with two large diameter nozzles to help meet your flow requirements.
  4. ADJUSTABLE: The external controller offers the ability to select from 20 different gears/pump speeds to give you exact control of your water flow. There is also a button for a pause function to simply stop your pump without having to change your water system configuration.
  5. DURABLE: This pump is epoxy resin sealed, with a ceramic rotating shaft and an overall well-built body that makes this pump corrosion-resistant, leak-resistant, and dependable.


Product Description

This versatile amphibious pump functions in diverse freshwater and saltwater environments. It can be used in fishponds, fountains, hydroponics systems, planting and watering systems, and other large water features.

This product comes with two nozzle adapters, an external controller, and a removable net cover to convert from submersible to external needs.

The external intelligent controller features 20 flow regulation speeds and a pause button to stop your water flow whenever needed. 



  • Product Size: 12.01” (L) x 5.31” (W) x 7.68” (H); 305x135x195mm
  • Power: 160W with 4230 GPH/16000L/H 9.0M Head
  • Water Nozzle: 1.97” and 2.36”; 50mm and 63mm



One variable frequency water pump, 2 water nozzle adapters, and an external smart controller.


Directions for Use

  • Always place the pump in water before running to prevent damage.
  • On first use, the pump may not pump water due to air within the pump body and water nozzle. If this occurs, simply pull out the power plug, then repeatedly insert the power until the pump runs normally.
  • Please raise the pump slightly in unclean water to minimize dirt entry into the water inlet net cover. Blockage of the inlet net cover will greatly reduce the function of the pump.


  1. Clean dirt with a small brush or water. Note: The rotary shaft of the water pump cannot be removed.
  2. If the water pump isn’t operating normally, check circuit compatibility.
  3. Connect another power socket to ensure the water pump is powered on. Please check the outlet of the pump and the water pipe for dirt blockage. Algae can be washed away with garden water.
  4. Please check the water inlet to ensure it is not blocked by debris.
  5. Check the inner cavity of the water blade rotor and rotate the water blade rotor to ensure it is not cracked or blocked.
  6. Maximum operating water depth shall not exceed 1.5m (4’9”) or above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).


Shipping Weight

  • 12.2 lbs

Handling Time

  • 1 business day

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