AlorAir Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2 with Temperature Humidity Controller 240CFM (Air-out)


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AlorAir Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2 with Temperature Humidity Controller, Timing Cycle, Speed Control, for attic, garage, shed, crawl space, basements, 240CFM (Air-out)

A REAL SPACE SAVER- Air Out. Unit Dimensions: L x W x H: 18." x 1.7" x 9". Airflow: 240 CFM. Noise: 48 d(BA). Quiet enough, which makes this exhaust fan the first choice for controlling the basement & crawl space temperature and humidity levels.

NICELY EQUIPPED-This 7-blade crawlspace fan with a front metal grille and dual ball DC motors can move 240 CFM air. Multi-function operation panel, wind speed adjustment, time timing, temperature setting, and humidity setting, are standard functions, The time loop function has been added, and the user can cycle the unit by setting the unit rest time and working time.

Built to the Last - with a metal fan cage and stainless steel body, for Crawl Space, Basement, Attic, Garage, Hydroponics, Grow Tents. The temperature and humidity probe should be installed in the same space as the equipment; ensure that the temperature and humidity probe will not get wet or damaged.

TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS We believe in quality and after-sales service, All our high-quality ALORAIR crawl space fans are made for your full utilization. It is sure to last long and still keep its shape look. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 2 Years Warranty and a great after-sales service team.

In the box-The VentirPro-S2 Air-Out Ventilator Fan×1; The User Manual×1; Power Adapter×1

    AlorAir Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2

    Up to 50% of the air in the home living space comes from the crawl space.

    Excess moisture, introduced by way of unsealed, vented crawl spaces, continuous to poor air quality. Moisture in crawl spaces often migrates to the upper levels of the home through a “stack effect.” In essence, whatever air is below the house is also inside the house. As warm air rises and escapes through the upper levels of the home, new air finds its way into the home to replace what’s been lost. Intake air comes in at the lower levels — through unsealed crawl spaces.
    AlorAir's high airflow crawler space fan is designed to control the temperature and humidity levels of crawlspaces, basements, and garages. Another benefit is that it helps to eliminate the odor in the crawl space.


    AlorAir Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2

    Save Money & Energy

    Excessive moisture will lead to expensive restoration projects. AlorAir Ventirpro-s2 is based on excellent smart programming, smart open, and close or adjust the airflow to adapt to different weather conditions.

    Brings you Health

    Reduce humidity bringing comfort. Another advantage is that the use of crawlspace fan Ventirpro-s2 can eliminate odors in the crawl space & Basement.

    Green Crawl Space & Basement

    The airflow generated by the crawlspace fan Ventirpro-s2 smoothly passes through the vents to keep the air cool.



    Wall Adapter Input:100 to 240V AC
    Operating Voltage:12V DC
    Power:8.5 W
    Airflow:0-240 CFM
    Noise: 0-48 dBA
    Operating Humidity: 35 to 85% RH
    Operating Temperature: 14-158°F

    AlorAir Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2

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