AlorAir G3 Filter for Storm LGR Dehumidifier (Pack of 3)


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AlorAir G3 Filter For Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier (Pack of 3) - Improve Air Quality

Looking for a solution to maintain healthy indoor air quality? Look no further than the AlorAir G3 Filter for Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier (Pack of 3) available at Air Sanctuary.

Why Use the AlorAir G3 Filter?

The AlorAir G3 Filter is designed to capture larger airborne particles entering your dehumidifier. With this pack of 3 filters, you can be assured that your air exchange is enhanced while reducing resistance and removing larger contaminants. The G3 filter will protect your blowers, coils, fans, and other inner components from impurities found in outdoor air. This filter ensures maximum airflow supply volume and increased energy efficiency.

High-Quality Material

Made with polyester, the AlorAir G3 Filter is durable and reliable. The filter dimensions are 12.12 inches in height, 9.96 inches in width, and 0.39 inches in depth. This product is designed to fit AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifiers.

Easy to Install and Replace

The AlorAir G3 Filter is easy to install and replace, making it an ideal solution for busy individuals and families. With regular filter replacement, your indoor air quality will be improved, and your dehumidifier will run more efficiently.

AlorAir G3 Filter's Air Quality

The AlorAir G3 Filter for Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier (Pack of 3) is essential to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Get yours today at Air Sanctuary and experience the benefits of clean air in your home or business. Need assistance with your order? Contact Air Sanctuary Customer Service for support.

Compatible with:

AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme Industrial Commercial Smart Wifi Dehumidifier

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