AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X 235 PPD Large Industrial Dehumidifier


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AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X 235 PPD Large Industrial Dehumidifier: Your Ultimate Solution for Large Space Humidity Control

Tackle high humidity levels and create a healthier, more comfortable environment with the AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X 235 PPD Large Industrial Dehumidifier. This powerful and efficient machine is designed for large scale, heavy-duty dehumidification, boasting high-capacity water removal, superior portability, and intelligent control.

Exceptional Dehumidifying Capability for Diverse Commercial Spaces

Bolster your commercial space with a unit capable of extracting up to 120 pints of water per day. Ideal for:

  • Gardening, Grow Rooms & Indoor Farming: Create optimal conditions for plant growth.
  • Gyms, Spas & Fitness Centers: Reduce moisture, mold, and mildew.
  • Marine, Breweries, Storage, Supermarket & Retail: Prevent damage to inventory and enhance customer comfort.
  • Offices, Workshops, Schools: Maintain a comfortable working environment.
  • Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries, Archives, Computer Rooms, Labs: Protect sensitive items from moisture damage.

Effortless Control with Soft Button Touch

The AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X is designed with user convenience in mind. Simply:

  1. Install the hose on the water outlet.
  2. Level the dehumidifier.
  3. Plug it in.
  4. Set the target humidity.

The dehumidifier will shut off automatically when the room humidity reaches the desired level and restart when the humidity rises. In case of a power outage, the unit will automatically resume operation when power is restored.

Ingenious Portable Design for Large Spaces

The modern, sleek design of the AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X is complemented by its excellent mobility. Equipped with four universal wheels and a sturdy handle, you can easily transport this dehumidifier to wherever it's needed. Plus, with its built-in water pump, you can drain water at any location.

Continuous Drainage for Effortless Maintenance

This model includes a 21.3” long drain hose for continuous drainage, enabling the dehumidifier to run without regular emptying. Simply set your desired humidity (35-90%RH), and the unit will turn off when the set point is reached.

AlorAir Warranty for Long-Term Peace of Mind

Your investment is protected by a one-year complete warranty on parts & labor, and up to a five-year limited warranty. Trust in AlorAir's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Large water removal capacity: up to 235 pints (Saturation) per day.
  • Intelligent dehumidification control: Automated monitoring and operation.
  • Auto-Diagnosis System: Troubleshoot issues with helpful error codes.
  • Auto Defrosting Function: Enables low-temperature operation.
  • Dust protection: MERV-1 and MERV-10 protect internal components from dust damage.
  • Continuous Pump Drainage: Includes a drain hose.
  • Durable Metal Plate Housing: Resists dents and scratches for long-term use.
  • Easy Mobility: Features a retractable handle and four wheels for effortless movement.

Achieve optimal humidity levels with the AlorAir Uni-P Dry Pro 120X 235 PPD Large Industrial Dehumidifier. Don't just control humidity, master it.

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