Aqua Dream 24v Dc Eco Marine Aquarium Wave Water Pump 1600 GPH

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Key Product Features:

1. This is epoxy sealed and passes the voltage withstand test in compliance with the UL standard. 100% inspection is fulfilled for Quality Control according to ISO. The impeller shaft is made of ceramic which is resistant to corrosion. While working, they are incredibly quiet and efficient and energy-saving with high lift. Max Head: 13.12 ft (4m).

2. This is an intelligent pump model that can be wirelessly connected in series and digitally controlled. Our pump is easy to clean and does not require installation, disassembly, or removal tools. The compact and optimized design figure is easy to hide and operate. Size: L 8 in. W 3.66 in. H 5.66 in.

3. This provides a wave-making function. The compact pump body and 24 V DC motor can achieve strong flow and adjustable. The maximum flow can reach 1600 GPH – 6000 L/H, 20w-50w Power consumption. The wire is a 5-foot 3 Prong Grounded Plug SJTW Cord (US), UL certification.

4. This amphibious pump is designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater, Coral culture. Equipped with three nozzles, one with a diameter of 1" and the other with a diameter of 11/4", and 3/4" providing different water flow effects. Because it is an amphibian water pump, it has a set of inlets and outlets for connecting pipes that can be used in and outside the water.

5. This is our high-end pump amphibious use, sine wave, self-cleaning, automatic pressure-increasing, automatic timing, automatic protection. This Amphibious pump is capable of the following setups – return pump, closed-loop, inline, and submersible. When being used as an external pump, make sure air is unable to get into the hose, because the pump is only intended to keep water flowing.

Product Description:

The 1600 GPH DCS-6000 pump is designed with hydroponics and large Aquariums in mind. The DCS Series pumps are designed to replace traditional return pumps due to the numerous additional features and protections they offer. If you have a return pump in your sump, use the DCS instead to have feed mode pauses, dry chamber safety stops, easily adjustable flow control, higher-end ceramic propellers, and more.
Hydroponics or pond users also find these controllable pumps highly beneficial due to their lower wattage and increase in overall electricity savings compared to traditional pumps.

For more information about this product family and it's uses please refer to this video


-      1600 GPH – 6000 L/H

-      Max Head: 13.12 ft (4m)

-      5 ft. 3 Prong Grounded Plug SJTW Cord (US), UL certification.

-      ECO Electric Motor DC 24 Volt

-      20w-50w Power Consumption

-      Dimensions: L 8 in. W 3.66 in. H 5.66 in.


-      1585 GPH pump

-      1", 11/4”, 3/4" Water outlet and inlet

-      Digital controller

-      Converter

-      Velcro

-      Manual


1. Make sure the input voltage is the same as rated on the pump label before use.

2. This pump can be used in saltwater and freshwater setups.

3. The pump can be used in 32-95 degrees F (0-32 degrees C) water.

4. Unplug the power when installing, uninstalling, or cleaning the pump.

5. In the event of a damaged power cord, turn off the pump immediately.

Shipping Weight: 6.30 lb.

Handling Time:1 day

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