Coral Reef LED Aquarium Light 90W AQUADREAM A8 Programmable

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Reef LED Light 90W Programmable

Main Product Features:

  1. Full Controllable Spectrum: Better spectrum for saltwater creatures (7 channels for controllable color blending). From UV to Deep Red (400nm to 720nm) via 7 color channels, create your own professional spectrum for different corals.
  1. 14 Different Presets (Beginner Friendly): Preset modes available through the mobile app allow anyone from beginner hobbyists to expert reefers a quick way to set up lighting for different styles of marine aquariums.
  1. Flexible Projection (PAR output): The light is designed to be able to cover a wide area, and effectively penetrate through any aquarium water. The light intensity can also be adjusted to match any aquarium setup.
  1. Color Enhancement Configuration: Through a specially arranged and customizable RGB matrix, this light can mimic natural ocean blues and different kinds of natural colors.
  1. Smart Cooling Fan (Extends product lifetime): As the heat builds up inside the light, the smart cooling fan will accelerate to adjust the inside temperature which avoids drastic fluctuation of electric current and voltage. This improves the lifetime of this light, ensuring your coral reef aquarium has an adequate light source for years to come.


Product Description:

The exact and flexible control provided by this LED light is ideal for any aquarium keeper with corals, or for someone wanting to start a coral reef aquarium. Featuring 7 color channels, 14 beginner-friendly presets sunrise/sunset/moonlight modes, and other customizable settings all controllable through your smartphone. The LED projection ability of the lights can penetrate through the water of any aquarium setup, and the intensity of the light can be adjusted to fit any size of the aquarium. The different color channels and the ability to modify each independently of one another allow the user to do anything from mimicking the deep blue of the ocean, to set a color that makes your corals vibrant and beautiful. All these controllable features can help you set up the ideal PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) output and lighting schedule for your ecosystem.


Brackets, 1x UFO A8 LED Light, and other mounting accessories.


  1. Read this manual carefully before using it.
  2. This LED light is only suitable for indoor use.
  3. Ensure the voltage shown on the label matches the main supply voltage.
  4. Never look directly at the LEDs! UV and Infrared (IR) emitted from this light may cause permanent eye and/or skin damage, always minimize exposure to eyes and skin, and the supplier is never responsible for any wrong usage of this light.
  5. Take care to set up the cable of the light in a way that water may not be able to run down the cable and reach a power outlet.
  6. Although the LED lighting is splash waterproof, it should not be submerged in water. There should be at least 15 mm between the water level and the lamp. Always ensure that the lamp is attached firmly.
  7. Only attach power cables to the light after the LED light is firmly mounted above the aquarium.
  8. Do not put anything on top of the LED lighting unit.
  9. Always dry your hands before touching the LED light or operating the lamp switch.
  10. Always disconnect the light from its power source before you perform any maintenance on the aquarium LED lighting.
  11. The LED lighting unit can get warm, therefore allowing adequate time to cool down attempting any maintenance.
  12. Keep the LED lighting clean and clear of debris. Make sure all ventilation slots are open and not blocked or covered by dust or dirt.
  13. Make sure cable and lighting are undamaged before usage. If a damaged power supply cord cannot be replaced, the whole unit needs to be recycled. Never shorten or lengthen the electrical leads.
  14. If overpowered, the adapter can be replaced. Buy a replacement adapter from your dealer.
  15. In the unlucky event that the LED lighting unit falls into the water, first, unplug it and then retrieve it by using the cable to lift the unit out of the water.
  16. The warranty is not valid when the LED lighting is damaged due to submerging in water.
  17. This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above. Children may not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children without supervision.


Item Size: 203*203*39 mm     

Packing Dimension: 470*460*350mm

Shipped Weight:


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