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Type: Wine Racks
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[Description_top]Select your desired width and height, build your wine racks now. 
If you would prefer a system with a larger storage capacity ( over 3ft in height or width), please contact us for a tailored quote.[/Description_top][Description]

Choose a width and height that meets your needs and purchase your wine racks today. For customized sizes exceeding 3ft in length or width, please contact us for a quote

Depth: 9.25" (235mm)
Note that the bottle height listed below does not include the extra row of bottles which can be added along the top.

A full set of Neck Protector Clips are included. These simply attach to the wine rack, preventing the bottle from scratching. This modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set of connector clips.

Available colors: Natural FinishBlack Onyx FinishMahogany FinishRustic (Hard Wood)

Note: The dimensions of each hole are 3.76"x3.76" (95.5x95.5 mm), so it will fit most of the bottles, but unfortunately, it will not fit all bottles in the market. If your bottle is larger or wider, then it will likely not fit.


Assembly Service

Assembly shouldn't be too difficult and is manageable for most customers. If you're a confident flat-pack builder, you may want to get the un-assembled version at a lower cost than the pre-assembled one.



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