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Replacement Evaporating Fan

If you're losing cooling in your cabinet, but the compressor is good, you might need a new evaporating fan. The evaporating fan pushes air across the evaporating coil, cooling and distributing air throughout the unit. A failed evaporating fan causes your compressor to work harder to cool the unit, until it eventually reaches the point of failure. A replacement fan can save you from more costly repairs down the line and is an easy fix with our plug and play electric replacements.

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Features and Specifications

  • Our DC 12V evaporating fan is designed for long-lived reliability and energy efficiency.
  • This fan is whisper-quiet, producing just 31dB at 1700 RPM while moving 68.8 CFM.
  • This fan is for the replacement of evaporating fan in KingsBottle wine and beverage cooler models KBU25, KBU50, KBU100, KBU170, KBU55, KBU56, KBU328, KBU28LR, and KBU68. Also serves as the heating fan for models 100D and 168D.
  • Fan dimensions: 4.72"x4.72x0.98" (120mm x 120mm x 25mm).
  • UPC #: 0730699127985
  • Model: RDL1225S

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The King's Treatment

Repairing a unit with a worn out fan helps save you money over replacement of the same refrigerator. Our fans are the same high-quality, energy-saving components we use in our brand new coolers and are easy to swap out with old, worn out fans. Get your cabinet colder and treat your bottles like kings. Order your evaporating fan and all your wine refrigerator parts online today from KingsBottle.


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