Enernova Smart PEP-S500 500W 515Wh Portable Power Station

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Enernova Smart PEP-S500 500W 515Wh Portable Power Station


Large Capacity, Wide Application

Enernova Smart PEP-S500 is equipped with 139200mah/515Wh super capacity to provide enough power to run your essential equipment for several hours, including laptop, mobile phone, tablet, fan, UAV, car refrigerator, radio, LED light, MP3, digital camera, etc.

Multifunctional Panel to Meet All Electricity Needs

Enernova Smart PEP-S500 is equipped with Output Ports: AC Output(500W 100V-240V 50/60Hz),1*Type-C(PD60W),1*USB-A1(QC3.0),3*USB-A2(5V 2.4A) and input Ports:1*Type-C(PD60W),1*DC(19V/3.78A*1)。

Small and Portable Emergency Power

The lightweight generator is easy to carry, only 5.2Kg, and is equipped with a solid handle. It can power all your basic electronic equipment and appliances.

Endured Power and Safety

The product adopts the latest lithium ion technology, with better quality and safety, and its service life is much longer than ordinary batteries. 

500W Portable Power

  • 500 Watt output
  • 518Wh(24Ah) lithium battery
  • PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets
  • 12V carport and 3* USB ports

Note that the total rated wattage should be under 500w (surge 1000w). If the device power is outside this range, the Explorer 500 may shut down.

Solar Panels

With solar panels, long battery life, no longer have to worry about power outages.

Four Ways To Recharge

  • Solar panel
  • Wall socket
  • Vehicle's 12Voutput
  • Electric Generator

Product Application

High power, long battery life, Multi-scene application, safe and convenient.


  • Model: Smart PEP-S500
  • Capacity: 139200mAh / 515Wh / 14.8V
  • Input ports USB-C: PD60W
  • Input ports DC: 19V/3.78A*1
  • Output ports Type-C1: PD60W
  • Output ports USB-A1: QC 3.0*1
  • Output ports USB-A2: 5V 2.4A*3
  • Output ports AC: 500W , 100V-240V , 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 5.2Kg
  • Dimensions: 260*170*172mm
  • Lifecycles: >1000 cycles
  • Accessories: Adapter and cable , Car charge cable , User manual
  • Certifications: FCC/CE/PSE/RoHS/UL

What's in the Box

  • 1*Enernova Smart PEP-S500 Portable Power Station
  • 1*AC adapter
  • 1*car charger cable
  • 1*user manual

Product Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all the ports be used at the same time as it's charging?

  • I've only had mine a short time. I haven't tried using all of the the ports, but I've used a couple of them while it's charging with no problem.

If I buy now, how long will it take to receive the portable station?

  • It depends on your location. Generally speaking, you can receive it within three days. If you live in a remote place, it may take five days.

How many hours electricity do you get on a full charge?

  • The answer to your question is "it depends". It depends on how many watts each device you connect to the Enernova consumes.

Will the UA299 accept a charge while powering a device (eg fridge)?

  • Yes. Support charge and discharge at the same time.

Can I charge it with a 48V lifepo4 battery?

  • Yes. Through the PV charge port or by using an inverter and the AC power brick. You will need to fashion an x90 connector to work with the PV charge cable.

This is the newest 2021 version with LiFe04 battery?

  • Yes, it is LiFePO4 version.

If the product is no fan for cooling, will it be safe?

  • The product are designed by top designers and use high-performance components. The products without fan are quieter and safer.

Are the DC12v outlets on standby fulltime or they are connected with main switch?

  • You have to manually turn on both the AC and DC outlets.

Can it be laid on its side to save space?

  • Yes, One side has the connections so that would be the top, but other side has no connections and could be laid flat.

Can this be used to power a single-wheel pitching machine?

  • Yes I am sure, but you have to first know what the electrical requirements are for your pitching machine; ie, wattage/amperage to be sure, but those have a very small motor within in them so I am sure you would have no problem.

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