Enernova Smart PEPS1000 1000W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit

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Enernova Smart PEPS1000 1000W + 1x SP18100 100W Solar Panel Solar Generator Kit


Higher Capacity and Higher Wattage

1166.4Wh (324000mAh) Li-ion battery capacity, 1000W rated power and 1200W maximum power

Multiple Output Ports

one PD 100W fast charger, one PD 27W fast charger, two USB-A ports, two QC3.0 ports, three AC ports, one DC port

Multiple Certification Quality Assurance

FCC/CE/PSE/RoHS/UL and other national quality inspection for your safe and secure use


the unique folding handle design can be more convenient for space organization and storage.

What is Off-grid, Solar Generator

Enernova solar generator, Your Number One Choice For Power Outages. Outdoor Adventures And Professional Work with a Large Capacity Of 1166.4Wh To Power Your Devices At All Times.

Enernova Solar Generator VS Diesel Generators

Enernova Solar Generator

  • Zero Pollution: It directly converts solar energy into electricity without producing any waste gas, waste water or other pollutants.
  • Quiet: The Enernova Solar Generator has a stable internal structure and operates without any noise.
  • Easy to Carry: Foldable solar panels and energy storage power supply are portable and easy to use
  • Low Cost: Only the initial cost is required, and there are almost no additional maintenance and fuel costs

Diesel Generators

  • Highly Polluting: The use of diesel fuel for power generation produces large amounts of carbon dioxide and toxic substances, which pollute the environment
  • Noisy: The loud sound of the engine often makes people uncomfortable to sit down
  • Bulky and not easy to store
  • The large weight and volume of diesel generators cannot even be operated by one person
  • High cost: In addition to the initial cost, each start-up costs a lot of money in fuel and maintenance costs

Why Choose Solar Generator 1000

  • Multifunctional Output Ports: including 2 * USB ports, 1 * QC3.0 port, 1 * PD 60W port, 2 * AC power outlets and 12V car output
  • MPPT Technology: with the most advanced MPPT technology, making more secure
  • Portable and Compact: as one of the most portable energy storage products available, the foldable handle makes the product more compact

High Conversion Rate

  • Strong Support Frame Solar Panel: built-in bracket, foldable and more convenient to carry
  • High Conversion Rate: 22% solar energy conversion rate, can be more efficient conversion of solar energy
  • Multiple Output Ports: 4 output ports for various application scenarios and appliances

Explore Possibilities

  • Low Cost: free solar energy, basic maintenance-free operation compliance
  • Higher Safety: several high quality tests can guarantee the safety of use
  • Longer Life Span: no wear and tear on the solar panels and almost no wear and tear on the portable power station, extending the life span
  • Storage of Electricity: it can effectively save electricity, and it is convenient to open as you go

Solar Recharging Steps

  • Place the solar panel in a flat position and use the bracket to adjust the angle and align it with the sunlight to maximize the efficiency of power generation.
  • Find the DC interface on the back of Enernova Solar Panel 100W;
  • Connect the DC interfaces of 2*Enernova Solar Panel 100W with the Y Parallel Cable;
  • Connect the Y Parallel Cable with the Anderson input of Enernova 1000W Portable Power Station

When Charging Solar Energy, Please Pay Attention to These

  • Clarify the facing angle and tilt angle of the solar panel to ensure that the solar panel receives the maximum sunlight
  • Solar panel bracket should be supported on a flat and debris-free ground
  • Do not collide in the process of handling solar panels to avoid unnecessary damage

Product Application

High power, long battery life, Multi-scene application, safe and convenient.


Power Station Model: PEPS1000

  • Model: Smart PEP-S1000 
  • Capacity: 324000mAh / 1166.4Wh / 21.6V 
  • Input ports USB-C: PD100W
  • Input ports DC: 24V/5A*1
  • Output ports Type-C1: PD100W
  • Output ports Type-C2: PD27W
  • Output ports USB-A1: QC 3.0*2
  • Output ports USB-A2: 5V 2.4A*2
  • Output ports AC: 1000W , 100V-240V , 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 11.2Kg
  • Dimensions: 340*231*206mm
  • Lifecycles: >1000 cycles
  • Accessories: Adapter and cable , Car charge cable , User manual
  • Certifications: FCC/CE/PSE/RoHS/UL

Solar Panel Model: SP18100

  • Name: Solar Charger
  • Rated output: 100 W (max)
  • Rated voltage: 18V
  • Material: monocrystalline silicon, waterproof polyester cloth, high-quality ETFE
  • Operating temperature: -10-65°C
  • Weight (approx.): 6.4lbs
  • Unfolded size (approx.): 55.7*17.7*0.2in
  • Folded size (approx): 17.7*13.8in

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the solar panels get wet?

  • The solar panel has IP65 level dustproof and waterproof, but due to the material problem, its waterproof level is not high, so it can only be waterproof

How do I use the panels in the rain, it’s running an indoor garden?

  • Since there's no sun in the rain you won't be charging BUT rain comes and goes and you will start charging again as soon as sunlight hits the panels after the rain stops.

Is the battery agm or lithium?

  • The exact chemistry is Lithium Ion NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt); totally different than Lead Acid/AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat).

Is it safe to use indoors?

  • Yes!

Do the panels over heat in the sun? Asking for hurricane prep alternative to gas generator?

  • If left in direct sunlight on an extremely hot day for extended periods of time, then that would be a yes. Should not be a problem otherwise

Can it use for Power Tool like a Grinder, Jigsaws, Drill, Sander up to 10 amp …. time working if yes?

  • Yes, it can. Run time would depend on wattage, if each tool and how long you plan to use each one

Can multiple units be connected in parallel to increase output wattage?

  • Yes, it is possible to use parallel lines to connect multiple solar panels in parallel.

Can this be used on a house?

  • I have only used it fully charged, a few eels ago when we lost power for a few hours. Brewed coffee, and plugged the tv, stereo, and cable box into it. When running for the tv , it said it would last 8 hrs on the meter. A whole house generator, I don’t think it would last, or support the power needed.

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