Pond Bakki Shower Trickle Filter Box 120 Tons

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Type: Pond Filter
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Drip filtration works by pumping water from the fish tank to the top of the drip tank. When the top is full, the water drains away and slowly drops naturally into the first drip tank. Evenly distributed through the drip plate;  water or drip or flow through the filter material;  and then into the second drip tank. A process in which the clean water reaches the third layer at the bottom of the drip filter box and flows directly into the fish pond through the outlet. When the water passes through, it will increase the contact surface with the air and thus increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, providing an ideal living environment for aerobic bacteria.



Product Description:

A trickle filter is an integrated filter, which is mainly the physical filtration and biological filtration in a filter tank.  In the filter tank is divided into several layers, the upper layer of the filter tank for the physical filter layer, the main filter materials are filter cotton, biochemical cotton;  the following layers will be placed biochemical ball, rattan cotton, glass ring, quartz ball, bacterial house and other filter materials.



-  Product  size of BK120 is 2971.6*552.95*828.4mm

-  Number of box layers 3 PCS, trapezoidal single layer size is L2800*W450(399.2)*H304.8mm; drip tube size is 2655mm*2 (DN60); water intake DN90; outlet L2600*W105*H43mm.




 One Bakki Trickle Filter Unit


  1. Before using the water pump, check whether the rated voltage marked on the nameplate is consistent with the actual voltage.
  2. When installing, removing and cleaning the water pump, unplug the power plug first to cut off the power supply to ensure your safety.
  3. If the pump body is seriously affected, please check whether the pump body is broken. If it is broken, please stop using it immediately.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to pull the power cord, so as not to cause leakage and affect the safety of use. 

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