Pond Macro Drum Filter Integrated Filtration Equipment 5 Tons

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Type: Pond Filter
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Key Product Features: 

  1. Non-removable flushable design, automatic cleaning filter; Simple operation, easy to install filter material and wash.
  2. Inclined bottom design, clean sewage, no blockage, no dead Angle; Filtration is more effective in purifying water.
  3. Biochemical filtration, rapid cultivation of bacteria, filtration of impurities in water, and establishment of nitrification system.
  4. Sterilization and mildew removal, algae removal and green removal, deodorization and purification of water.
  5. The whole structure is made of PP material with a life span of more than 10 years; Sufficient to ensure the overall firmness, suitable for outdoor long-term sun and rain use, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean.
  6. Suitable for solid-liquid separation in the early stage of sewage treatment system.
  7. It is suitable for wastewater treatment of koi pond and various kinds of aquaculture farms.
  8. Microfiltration equipment for industrial culture.
  9. In the field of aquaculture, microfilter is more used in the level of raw water filtration, in order to filter out the water of large particles of sediment, suspended algae, particles, etc. Or used in closed cycle purification of the coarse filter.

10.Stainless steel drum microfilter is developed for freshwater aquaculture. It can adapt to the large flow of water treatment needs.

11.When installed, it comes with a buffer pool. The microfilter is installed on the inlet of the buffer pool. The inlet of the buffer pool and the inlet of the microfilter should be closely fitted. Prevent leakage of suspended matter in water.

12.The water in the pool enters the drum along the axial direction through the pump and flows out through the screen in a radial manner. The impurities in the water (fish, fine suspended matter, algae, etc.) are trapped in the inner surface of the filter screen on the drum. When the impurities trapped on the screen reach a certain amount, the machine automatically open, the impurities are brought to the upper part of the drum, and the pressure flushing water recove to the slag discharge tank outflow.

13.Product  size of 5T+filter bin+UV20W*1 is 1030*341*504mm; water intake DN25(32mm); outlet DN40(50mm); sewage outlet DN40(50mm); motor power 6W; pump power A80/96W;Biochemical warehouse size 301*249*315mm.


Product Description:

Working principle: Automatic drum microfilter is made of non-toxic and corrosion resistant food grade PP material. It is mainly composed of five parts: box assembly, drum assembly, backcleaning system, electric control box system and transmission system. It can handle water flow ≤10m³/h. The equipment uses food grade environmental protection 316 stainless steel filter as the medium to remove suspended matter, and separates the suspended matter in water (≥50 μm). When the water containing suspended particles enters the drum through the inlet, the suspended matter is intercepted by the filter screen, and the filtered water flows into the next treatment process or pool through the outlet. The equipment adopts automatic liquid level control, a water level position control point is set in the box. In the process of operation, when the suspended matter in the drum accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause the water penetration of the filter screen to decrease, resulting in the water level of the box outside the drum to rise. At this point, outside the roller body water level rises to the setting position of water level control points, the cleaning system start the pump and drive system, the backwash water pump and drive system start at the same time, the roller rotation and clean the nozzle was carried out on the rotating drum filter continuous high pressure cleaning, washing sewage to the collecting groove, direct discharge; At this time, when the cleaning reaches the time set by the time relay, the cleaning pump and transmission system stop running. Equipped with intelligent turbine inverter pump energy-saving, environmental protection, strong filtration cycle.



-  Product  size of 5T+filter bin+UV20W*1 is 1030*341*504mm;

- water intake DN25(32mm); outlet DN40(50mm); sewage outlet DN40(50mm);

- motor power 6W; pump power A80/96W.

- Biochemical warehouse size 301*249*315mm.




 One BTS5 Pond Filter Unit


  1. It is forbidden to idle the water pump without water;
  2. Stop the pump before changing the valve status;
  3. Regularly check the working condition of the nozzle. If there is no water spraying, timely remove and check it to see if it is blocked. Timely clean the debris in the hole or replace it with a new nozzle;
  4. During the operation of the system, the electrical equipment shall be prevented from overflowing or splashing with water. In this case, the power shall be cut off immediately and the equipment shall be restarted after the fault is eliminated;
  5. When the water pump is running, do not remove the water pump union connecting the pipeline. The water pump is not allowed to idle without water. The daily operation and maintenance of the water pump shall be in accordance with the water pump operation instructions.

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