Protein Skimmer 170-370 Gal Ocean Coral Reef Fish Saltwater Aquarium Pump AD-N230PLUS

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Protein Skimmer 170-370 gal Ocean Coral Reef Fish Saltwater Aquarium Pump

Main product features:

1. Honeycomb Bubble Plate

The innovative design of the honeycomb bubble plate produces a steady flow of fine bubbles and increases the reaction pressure in the diversion chamber. This all works together to effectively separate organic material and improve water quality.

2. Large Collection Cup

The cross-shaped drainage design of the collection cup effectively gathers waste and suspended particulates to streamline your aquarium maintenance process. This cup can be easily removed to discard the accumulated waste. 

3. Outlet Regulation Valve

The water outlet adjustment valve effectively stabilizes the fuselage, reduces noise, and provides precise adjustments to water outlet flow.

4. Anti-vibration Rubber Pad

Effectively stabilize the fuselage and reduce noise.

5. External Silencer

An attachment to the needle brush pump minimizes the noise, allowing the skimmer to work quietly.

Product Description:

This protein skimmer works to effectively and efficiently take care of aquarium waste to keep your ecosystem healthy, functional, and looking great. Fish waste, excess food, suspended particulates, and undesirable color pigments are all properly filtered out with this device. Featuring a honeycomb bubble plate, a large collection cup, an outlet regulating valve, a needle brush pump, an external silencer, and anti-vibration rubber pads, this protein skimmer provides a fantastic and customizable user experience. These protein skimmers work by a needle brush water pump at the bottom of the skimmer taking in water, working in tandem with the honeycomb bubble plate to make the water foam up. The foam makes its way to the top of the skimmer collection cup. Waste, excess food, and other contaminants are brought to the surface of this foam and fall into the sides of the collection cup. Once the collection cup is full, simply remove the cup and discard waste into a sink/toilet.



Water pump. Controller. Power supply. Collection cup. Outlet regulating valve. Silicone foot pad. External silencer. Hose. Drainage valve. Diversion box.


  1. The skimmer runs in freshly mixed brine and has a break-in period during which foam may flow out, this is normal and will improve greatly after a run-in period.
  2. During the use of the needle pump, due to the narrow space between the rotor shaft and the self-rotating chamber, the friction temperature is high, and sediment is easy to precipitate and adheres to the rotor to aggravate wear and tear, regular maintenance and cleaning are required
  3. Do not run the water pump idly in an anhydrous state. In order to achieve a better working effect for the skimmer, the normal applicable water level is between 18-22cm. Please refer to the manual for each model.



Recommended Tank Sizes:

Heavy Bioload - 170 Gallons
Medium Bioload - 270 Gallons
Light Bioload - 370 Gallons

Product Size:
11.2*10.2*23.6in or 285*260*600mm

Package Dimensions:
14.2*11.8*27.2in or 36*30*69cm

DC24V-35W HP-4000 Needle Brush Pump
Flow: 4000L/H or 1057 Gal/H
Maximum air intake: 1450L/H or 383 Gal/H
Treated water volume: 2600L/H or 687 Gal/H
Applicable water body: 800L-2000L or 210-528 Gal
Best water level: 180-220MM or 7-8.7 Inches

Shipped weight:
16.8LBS or 7.6KG

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