Wall Mounted Metal Rail Wine Racks | 3-Bottle Depth


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Type: Wine Pegs
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[Description]This sleek and sturdy 3 bottle depth wall-mounted rack allows you to store your bottles securely while freeing up valuable counter space and creating a stylish addition to any room.


  • Display your bottle horizontally and perfectly display your bottle label.
  • Each set comes with a pair of metal rails, and a corresponding number of wine pegs.
    • 1-ft wall rail wine pegs set: 3 pairs of wine pegs are included;
    • 2-ft wall rail wine pegs set: 6 pairs of wine pegs are included;
    • 3-ft wall rail wine pegs set: 9 pairs of wine pegs are included;
    • 4-ft wall rail wine pegs set: 12 pairs of wine pegs are included.
  • Each wine peg rod comes with silicone o-rings
  • Finish: Matte Black Finish
  • Connector bolts options (not included).

Wall Rail Dimensions:

  • 1-FT Back rail: 1.02*0.51*11.75 inches | 26*13*298mm
  • 2-FT Back rail: 1.02*0.51*23.75 inches |  26*13*603mm
  • 3-FT Back rail: 1.02*0.51*35.75 inches | 26*13*908mm
  • 4-FT Back rail: 1.02*0.51*47.75 inches | 26*13*1213mm

Peg Dimensions:

  • Triple Deep Peg: L13*D0.5 inches  | L330*D13 mm


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